9 Comments on “Is the LGBTQ Movement the New Civil Rights Movement?”

  1. LGBT friends? They are currently enemies of God so I don't think I want to be close with them to become "bosom buddies". Bad company corrupts good morals.

  2. To propose such a statement is historically ignorant and furthermore disrespectful to past people who had no legal security and no protection for their constitutional liberties. It is asinine and contextually absurd when people, usually adverse to Christianity and in favor of secular leftism in my experience, make that argument.

  3. The fact that this video exist, proves that it is a civil right. Count your days, you blasphemous, bigots. The SBC is losing their hold on discrimination, just like they did with the blacks and slavery. Go ahead and release your official apology to LGBT individuals. You've already written it, it's probably behind glass somewhere beside an ax with a sign that says " only break in case of an emergency".

  4. Why are the LGBT people friends but not the Westboro Baptists? They literally just said not to say one's inclination is worse than the other. I believe Jesus' sacrifice can cover the sin of the crazy Westboro people too. I found this video to be inconstant because of this. Loved everything else that was said but that last line. If you're not saved, you're an enemy of God. End of story. Westboro baptists & LGBT. Only the work of God's grace through faith can change the heart of man. So I'm going to love on judgey/hateful people just as much as I love those living in sexual immorality. That is the nature of the Gospel.

  5. I agree that this is NOT the same as the new civil rights movement. We need to love and respect all people but that does not mean we need to accept the LGBTQ movement as a civil rights movement. They are people but they are not to be married as normal marriage is between a man and a woman. God loves all people, he does not agree to your misunderstanding of who you were created to be..Each person is different and physically we have different desires for who our sexual partners would be. If you are gay, you are not condemned but it is not the way God originally created you. Get to know the Lord within you and He will show you what and who you are. He loves you unconditionally whether you are gay or not. His love and truth will guide you into all truth and freedom.

  6. God loves all people who He has created. Homosexuals can repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but if they continue in their sin they are putting themselves in danger, because the more a person sins, the more satan has the right to put harm on them, and the less God is able to protect them. Which is why God hates sin. Also if they continue to sin without ever repenting, they will be judged by Jesus for that sin. 
    There is nothing wrong with a Christian to be a friend to them, as long as the Christian does not condone or participate in that sin.

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