Jimmy Fallon Asks Trump to Reconsider His ‘Cough-a-palooza’ Rally


“Yeah, from Congress all the way to NASCAR, all over the country people are asking the question, ‘Is it finally time to let go of the Confederacy?’ And I think it’s impressive NASCAR is doing this because the Confederate flag is extremely popular with a lot of their fans. In fact, just to soften the blow, here’s maybe what they should do — ban the fans from bringing the flag to the races, but then incorporate it into the race itself, you know? So like if you win the race, they raise the checkered flag; and then for the loser, they raise the Confederate flag. That way everybody wins.” — TREVOR NOAH

“But if it makes you feel better, you’re still welcome to cheer for whoever comes in second.” — SETH MEYERS

“NASCAR’s getting more progressive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — all they do is turn left.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“They said, ‘The flag runs contrary to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for our fans,’ and a lot of their fans didn’t like that. Lots of tweets: ‘You picked the losing side of this battle. Good luck with that.’ I don’t know, I’m pretty sure the Confederacy was the losing side of the battle. ‘Pretty soon we will have radios in the car playing rap music.’ Oh, heavens no. ‘But I bet people can fly their rainbow flags all day.’ Yes, right. From now on, NASCAR is going to be one big gay parade.” — JIMMY KIMMEL


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