Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Releases Video Appearing To Document Mom’s Verbal, Physical Abuse


Claudia Conway, the 16-year-old daughter of former White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway and the Lincoln Project cofounder George Conway, became a trending topic on Twitter late Tuesday night after she shared some disturbing recordings on TikTok that appear to show verbal, emotional and physical abuse from her mother.

Claudia posted a TikTok video of herself where a woman, possibly her mother Kellyanne, is abusing her. “You’re never gonna record another f***ng thing in your life. It’s going for a forensic analysis,” says the lady in the video, adding that Claudia is an “ungrateful b***h.”

In the video, Claudia writes that she is constantly getting hit because she ignores her mother.

She later wrote that she is afraid to post the previous post of her mother being mentally abusive towards her as she doesn’t know what will happen now after she recorded her mother lashing out at her.

Shortly after Claudia shared the disturbing TikTok video, she commented on the post explaining that she is not trying to put her mother in jail, while adding that she felt the need to make the video public because she is berated every day by people who think that she is out there looking for attention or lying about her parents.

When one TikTok user commented that they could call Child Protective Service to help her, Claudia replied that her mother actually called CPS on her, but “They do nothing. She’s way too powerful.”

When another TikTok user asked Claudia to let them know how they can help her, Claudia replied that she has talked to her lawyers but getting emancipated is nearly impossible “considering both of my parents’ high profile.”

The teenager first went viral in June for her political TikToks in which she voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, distanced herself from her mother’s politics, and expressed her dislike of President Donald Trump. As Conway continued to post TikToks and acquire hundreds of thousands of followers, she made explosive allegations against her high-profile parents that included abuse.


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