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  1. When the whole world was against transgenders, only our people ( ancient India ) used to respect them. Also many transgenders were good artists and dancers in the past. Whenever a child is born, many people seek ashirvaad from them… I m so happy for LGBTQ community..

  2. I am really proud of the IndianRaga team for being so supportive of the LGBTQ community. I am happy these people will finally not be discriminated for being themselves!

  3. This is beautiful! Depicting a topic which needs to be discussed, and spreading a message which needs to be addressed, you have put this and dance together beautifully! This Only makes me more proud in being a dancer myself ❤ I look forward to performing for Indian raga someday!

  4. I have tears in my eyes…what a very splendid topic taken by Indian raga👌…we need to acknowledge the fact that everyone is different and unique mainly in such a diverse country like India. We have to accept them and support their struggle for LGBT rights. One thing which is very unpleasant is that these people get criticised for who they are. Indian raga portrayed the theme and conveyed the message in a very informative manner. At least if we are not able to change the attitude of the others, Let's take the first step by changing ourselves and support this act!!!….Hats off🙏🙏👏👏

  5. Really indian raga shows through dance anything can be depicted very easily a very good work done by the dancers and production team really appreciable………

  6. Indian Raga is just wow !! I would also like to watch some more Odissi, Katthak .. and also other forms of classical, semi-classical music like Marathi Natya Sangeet, Ravindra Sangeet, Thumari …. so on !! You are doing really great guys, I have no words … really !!

  7. Very nice art by raga team… Very creative…
    Transgenders r not getting respect not because of what they r… But mostly because of what they r doing… How many of us have seen any transgender who is earning money in acceptable way? Open sex is not accepted by society between men and women also… But these LGBT are doing sex with out any commitments.. how it is acceptable?

  8. This is absolutely beautiful! It warms my heart to see such support for the LGBTQ+ community on this channel. And as a Bharatanatyam dancer myself, I'm extremely impressed with the way this was portrayed. Excellent job and much love. 💛

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