“Liberals’ Lives Lack A Meaning And A Purpose..They Don’t Have Very Good Lives To Begin With”


Fox News opinion host Jesse Watters unloaded an insane on-air rant on Wednesday attacking liberals during a discussion about outdoor mask-wearing, claiming “liberals’ lives lack a meaning and a purpose” and claiming that liberals “don’t have very good lives to begin with.”

“I run in the park without a mask. and I’m getting passed by people with double masks. That’s humiliating and I don’t like it. It’s supposed to slow you down and they are still passing me,” Watters said to laughs from his co-hosts.

“Um, liberals are clinging to their masks for psychological reasons. It has nothing to do with science. If you’ve been vaccinated, everyone knows what the CDC says,” he claimed.

“Liberals’ lives lack a meaning and a purpose and the coronavirus and wearing a mask have given liberals’ life a purpose,” he continued. “They now in a very superficial and effortless way can plaster a mask on their face and they feel like they can belong to something.”

“They feel like they are on a mission and they are doing something good by protecting themselves and by protecting other people after they’ve been vaccinated. Number two. Liberals are very obedient people. They need control in their lives. Their lives are chaotic, they don’t have very good lives to begin with.”

“They’ll pretty much be easily manipulated into doing whatever an authority figure wants them to do and they won’t question that,” he said before claiming, “many liberals are insecure about themselves maybe about their looks and they like disguising their faces.”


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