MAGA ‘Karen’ Goes Off On Racist Rant At Black Lives Matter Protest


A woman was filmed screaming profanities at Black Lives Matter activists demonstrating in Watsontown, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, yelling, “you live off of white people” and “keep your HIV over there.”

As the activists chanted, “No justice, no peace,” video shows the woman yelling back, “F*ck you, we’re going to give you no peace,” before repeatedly hurling several profanities as she waves her middle finger at demonstrators.

Holding a bottle of water, she starts to walk away, then comes back to yell, “You f*ckin’ communists.”

BLM activists responded to her deplorable attacks by chanting, “We love you!”

The Standard-Journal reports “hundreds” of BLM activists attended Sunday’s protest.

According to Central Pennsylvania photographer Paul Weaver, BLM activists “were met with shouts of ‘all lives matter’ and ‘white lives matter’ from the group group across the street which consisted of motorcycle club members, men in Trump hats, Three-Percenters, and other local residents.”

Three-Percenters are a far-right-wing militia anti-government movement and paramilitary group.


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