McEnany’s Attack On Biden Backfires Spectacularly, Ridiculed For Praising Trump’s “Feet”


Former Trump White House Press Secretary and newly-minted Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany put her “foot in her mouth” on Thursday while attempting to attack President Joe Biden after delivering his first official news conference as president.

McEnany began by tweeting outright lies, claiming the press corps stood for Biden at the start of his presser, falsely claiming it was a departure from the Trump era.

“Right out of the gate, the White House press corps stands for President Biden,” McEnany tweeted in reference to Biden’s first press conference this Thursday. “Would have been nice if they would have routinely shown that level of respect for President Trump. I hope this is not indicative of softball questions to come!”

Reporters were quick to fact-check her outright lies.

McEnany was later buried with ridicule online after her Trump “feet” tweet.

“President Biden begins his first press conference by touting the rate of vaccines being administered, a feet solely made possible by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed,” McEnany tweeted, writing “feet” instead of “feat”.


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