32 Comments on “Millions Celebrate World Pride in New York City”

  1. The fifth column taking to the streets to deny life, family, and goodness. Every child who considers LGBTQ is one person less likely to have children of their own while others promote the importation of foreign replacement citizens. Fuck LGBTQ. They are wicked evil self indulgent vampires.

  2. Why do all homophob's hate them?
    Like you want all of them to be with you on "Heaven" they probably really want them to go with them (LGBT+) Togather to heaven..

  3. Sorry, but you see the likes to dislikes… Gay people, I love you. But yall doin' way too much this year. I mean its a little much, dont you agree? I live in NY. I almost went into epileptic shock just walking down 34 street with rainbow everywhere. In the store windows, on the side walks, on the trash cans, on the billboards. Its a bit MUCH. We are talking about 2 men cornholing or 2 women rubbin' uglies anyway. Could you maybe take some of this energy and put it to better use? Have yall seen what seattle and california looks like? In fact, how dare they have pride marchrs while they have homeless people taking dumps on their street.

  4. Gay pride in the U.S. hasnt been radical in years. Good news if you think about it, but also
    ☕️? I dont think the Countries that desperately need it tune in for NY's parade.

  5. I just saw a news report about a little black girl from Europe who was suspended from school because she told the teacher the LGBT classes in schools are confusing the children. That the children were confident in who they were and knew what gender they were BEFORE the LGBT class. Now the students in her class are really confused and girls want to be boys snd boys want to be girls. But no one had this problem before they started teaching LGBT in schools. The students were all confident and happy, unsatisfied with themselves and confused.

    So now I am fully against the LGBT movement. You people are going to far messing with th childrens heads and making everyone depressed and dissatisfied. Just because you are dissatisfied and cannot accept the way God made you doesn't mean you have to spread your misery, especially to children. If LGBT dont fight against LGBT being taught in schools or being forced on children then I spit on your whole movement.

  6. There is no pride in AIDS and diseases, the depravity Homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestites, beastiality are all abnormal sexual PERVERSIONS, that spread AIDS and Diseases.

  7. This comment section is so mean and narrow minded…just wanted to say I support each and every one of you in the lgbtq+ community ❤

  8. THIS is repulsive. Keep your balls to yourselves and stop recruiting children. People don't have to like what you do !

  9. Our liberties are being eliminated one by one. The Constitution is grasping its last breaths. Our borders are destroyed and our culture has been turned upside down by every perversion known to man. The Satanist are roaming the halls of Congress and dressed in Democratic Blue.

  10. LGBT to me means “Learn God’s Biblical Truth Quickly”:

    Pride ?: Proverbs 16:18

    Rainbow ?: Genesis 9:12-17

    Gender ??‍♂️& ??‍♀️: Deuteronomy 22:5

    Marriage ??‍♂️???‍♀️: 1 Corinthians 7:2

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