Misconceptions about Mormons | Gay Marriage, Underwear, Joseph Smith + More!

Misconceptions about Mormons | Gay Marriage, Underwear, Joseph Smith + More!

Interested in who Mormons really are? Check out this video for a quick explanation and check out LDS.org to have all your questions answered!



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  1. Slow down girl! Speaking that fast is making me anxious watching this. These are a lot of topics that aren't explained in depth as they should be. It's still pretty confusing to watch because you only tell the brief overview and I'm still left feeling there was hardly any, if it all, explanations. It's just an overview of what happens, not a lot of how and why. You could probably do a video playlist and explain each topic in more depth in separate videos so if someone has specific questions about a topic, they can go right to the video. Just suggestions, of course, it's your prerogative to listen to it or not. It would clear up a lot more questions from me too. Thanks!

  2. Discovered u via ur South Park video. This was actually really informative. It seems South Park was kind of right but did A LOT of spin lol. Is the Mormon underwear actually magical?!? A Lutheran told me that the underwear is meant to be protection when in a fire or car accident or something.

  3. Hey jess I loved the vid first of all but I have a question I am not LDS, but if I marry an LDS woman does that mean our family won’t be together forever because we can’t be married in the temple, LOVE THE VID AND THE CHANNEL BTW

  4. Who said Mormon's were terrible people? I don't mind Mormons, my cousin is a Mormon. He has discussed the belief with me, but I welcomed it. He's never forced it on me. He doesn't try to convert me, though he has expressed that he wished that I'd at least accept christ and not have walked away from Christianity. I'm not upset with Mormons. They are really nice people. To this day he invites me to church every week. I simply say no or let's talk about it over coffee. He respects my decision, even finds humor in that joke. He's a good person. Still asks every week.

  5. I subbed! You explained alpt so well. I am looking for a nice religion for my future family and my girlfriend and i. I love her lots and want the best for her. Mormons have shown me this and i started talking to missionaries and am reading scriptures. I am so happy doing it and never have been happier. Cant wait to start attending church.

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