MSNBC Host Destroys GOP Governor During Heated Interview Over Bill Attacking Trans Kids


MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle got into a heated exchange with West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) after he failed to point to one example of a transgender student competing in sports in his state after he signed a bill to ban transgender girls from school sports.

Gov. Justice signed a bill earlier this week that bans trans girls and women from participating in school sports as their gender.

“Can you name one example of a transgender child trying to gain an unfair competitive advantage at a school there in West Virginia?” Ruhle asked.

“Well Stephanie, I don’t have that experience exactly to myself right now, but I will tell you this-” Justice started responding before Ruhle interjected.

“Not yourself. Your state, sir. Can you give me one example of a transgender child trying to get an unfair advantage? Just one in your state,” she asked again.

“No, I can’t really tell you one, but I can tell you this Stephanie,” Justice said before claiming “we all know what an absolute advantage boys would have playing against girls….”

“But, sir, you have no examples of this happening,” she fired back. “Why would you take your time to do this?”

She then noted that the state of West Virginia is currently ranked “45th in education, 47th in health care, 48th on the economy, and 50th in infrastructure.”

“If you cannot name one single example for me of a child doing this, why would you make this a priority? I just named four things that would seem to me like a much bigger priority,” Ruhle scolded the governor.

Justice responded, “Well Stephanie, I didn’t make it a priority.”

“You signed it!” she said.

“I think we only have 12 kids maybe in our state that are transgender-type kids, for cryin’ out loud, Stephanie!” the governor claimed without citing a source for that number.

“Please come back when – beyond anecdotal feelings as a coach – you can show me evidence that those young women are being disadvantaged in your state,” Ruhle responded.


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