My own little Pride


For our second annual Pride in Pictures,  asked readers to submit a meaningful photo of themselves at Pride.

We have absolutely loved seeing your joy, your glitter, your fabulous outfits, and of course, your pride. Now, we’re spending the summer sharing some of our favorite photos and stories with all of you.

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Keira McCormack


At home, 2021

What makes this photo special to you?

Two years ago I was not well enough to go to many Prides, so I did my own little one using Lego. Then last year as the vast majority of Prides where cancelled, I did a larger Lego one and others posted their own. I decided to do another this year, as still some Prides have been cancelled.

I’m planning on doing it annually now. It’s a way for anyone to join in. Someone who isn’t or can’t be out can participate; someone from a place where Prides are banned, not tolerated or get violently put down, they too can join in. As it’s online, it’s something anyone can join and be part of. 

Pride in Pictures, Keira McCormack
Keira McCormack


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