MyPillow Guy Claims Fox News Rigged Election Against Trump In Deranged Speech

The CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell unleashed a deranged conspiratorial rant during a speech at a pro-Trump march in D.C. on Saturday, telling the crowd that Fox News Channel was “in on” a major conspiracy to overthrow Donald Trump because the network called Arizona for Joe Biden on election night.

“We cannot give up ever on this,” said Lindell to the crowd who had come together to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election. “This is a spiritual warfare in our country and in the world.”

“This fraud is real,” he said. “It’s of epic proportions that this election was stolen.”

“They were going for everything. They were going to take everything we had,” he said. “Why do you think Fox declared Arizona with only 14% of the vote in? They already knew what they did! They were in on it!”

As the crowd cheered he continued. “I’m serious, they had to be on it!”

“You don’t know this stuff,” he said. “I mean all this stuff and you know what, it’s not just the one’s behind this – they should all go to prison when they are found out.”

“But how about the Republicans out there that didn’t back this great president and us as a people, we voted them in,” he said before attacking the Republican Governors of Arizona and Georgia, accusing them of “hiding something.”

“All these legislators, Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia. What is with that? I don’t get it. We voted them in. They gotta be hiding something,” he claimed.

Lindell then went on a wild rant claiming the overwhelming amount of votes on election day “broke” some mysterious “algorithm in the machines.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, he suggested we might already be in the Biblical “end times” just as the crowd was chanting “four more years” of Trump.

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