NBC Reporter Screams On Live TV As Officer Deliberately Fires Pepper Bullets At Her And Cameraman

A Louisville Metro Police Department officer appears to have deliberately targeted WAVE 3 News reporter Kaitlin Rust and her cameraman with pepper bullets while broadcasting live during a protest in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Friday evening, NBC-affiliate WAVE3 reports.

As Rust reported from behind police lines, an officer could be seen pointing his weapon directly at her and her crew before firing the weapon.

Rust can be heard screaming in pain as she was hit by the pepper bullets.

“Are you okay?” a shocked on-air anchor asks Rust.

“I’m being shot, I’m getting shot,” she screams.

“Rubber bullets, rubber bullets. It’s okay,” she says, before clarifying they were pepper bullets.

“Who are they aiming that at?” the anchor asks in disbelief, as the officer appears to reload and aim at the news crew again.

“At us, like directly at us,” Rust confirms.

“Why are they doing that?” the anchor asks. “Do they not know? Obviously they see the camera.”

“I don’t know,” a startled Rust replies.

“You moved exactly where they told you to go though. I mean they put you to a certain spot. I don’t understand what you did wrong,” a male anchor explains to viewers, noting that Rust had been instructed by police to stand exactly where she was reporting from before she was fired upon.

“Exactly. We were behind their line,” Rust confirms.

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