Non-Binary Model Teaches Angry Parent Tolerance And Their Text Exchange Goes Viral


A non-binary model is earning praise this week for patiently teaching an angry mother about chest binding after the parent sent the model angry and accusatory Instagram messages.

Rain Dove, a 30-year-old New York-based model who has made headlines for continually challenging gender norms and the concept of gender altogether, was accused by a mother of being a “pervert” and infecting her own daughter with “mental problems.”

Rather than lashing out at the scared and confused parent, Rain kindly and patiently explained why she should buy her daughter the chest binder and eventually managed to change the stranger’s mind.

The mother had sent a direct message on Instagram, writing simply: “My child is sick due to you.”

Here is their exchange, in full:

Image credits: Rain Dove

Rain posted screenshots of the conversation on Instagram earlier this week after getting the woman’s permission.

Rain captioned the exchange with more of an explanation on professional binders, reiterating some of the points from the conversation.

“Parents I promise that a professional binder is a safer option for your teen than alternatives they might be using. Getting them one as a gift can be life-saving,” Rain wrote. “A great brand and resource is @gc2b they even recently gave me a whole box to donate when in SA. Amazing conscientious and involved company.”

Rain continued: “Binding ones chest can be a dangerous thing- especially when using alternative options like I used to do. Ace bandage and ducttape lead to skin tearing, fractured ribs and I even passed out once after taking off the binding from the oxygen rushing into my system again. I have models I’ve worked with who will testify times in which they saw my body distorted after inappropriate binding practices. People bind for many reasons. It’s not always identity or dysphoria related. Especially people with larger breasts have expressed binding has been lifesaving in functional terms. Binding CAN be lifesaving and ease much anxiety. I must note that it alone won’t make someone feel complete in their existence. We must work to dismantle toxic oppressions that lead to social oppressions and anxieties. We must create a space of love for all people to live in no matter their bodies. We must create a safe space for dialogue.”

The post has earned more than 104,000 likes so far, with countless commenters praising Rain being so patient and willing to teach the mother who sent the message.

“That made me cry, thank you for being the calming voice of reason that momma needed, I’m sure their relationship will be able to move forward in a healthy way,” one Instagrammer wrote.

“You are such a gorgeous, lovely human. I am so inspired by your willingness to be open with strangers like this,” commented another.

“You’re such an angel to have so much patience with people of different kinds of opinions,” a third wrote.

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