Non-binary person has the perfect clapback to a rude grocery store customer


Thomas Hudson

Thomas HudsonPhoto: Facebook/Thomas Hudson

When Thomas Hudson, a non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns, went to the grocery store, viral fame was the last thing on their mind.

But when another customer rudely accosted Hudson about how they were dressed, the clapback they unleashed has swept through social media. It was, quite literally, the perfect response.

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“Why are you wearing that. You’re confusing folks. Do you want to be a boy or a girl?” Hudson said the person asked him.

“Neither, I want to be comfortable and left the fuck alone,” they replied laughing. “The source of your confusion is not my concern, nor my responsibility. I wore this today because I wanted to. If you’d like to make a monthly donation to my wardrobe I’d be happy to consider your opinion on my attire.”

Hudson reports that the random stranger “didn’t agree to a monthly donation so I will continue to be queer AF, and unbothered.”

In a note added after the post went viral, Hudson urged people to follow his employer, the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation, on Facebook because “It’s amazing to have a workplace that encourages me to show up as my most authentic self.”


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