Nyle DiMarco Endures Discrimination on “What Would You Do?”


What would you do if your waiter was being a dick to a deaf customer?

On Friday’s summer season premiere of ABC’s What Would You Do?, unsuspecting diners reacted to a rude waiter losing his patience with a patron played by deaf actor JW, artistic director for the New York Deaf Theatre. The scenario was inspired by an Ohio Taco Bell drive-thru employee who was fired after refusing service to a deaf customer.

One customer tells the waiter to be more respectful before reporting him to the actor playing the restaurant manager. Deaf model and activist Nyle DiMarco, who had been behind the scenes with host John Quiñones, tells her, “My faith in humanity has been completely restored.”

The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars winner then steps in as the mistreated diner, inspiring another good Samaritan to speak out in his defense—and help place his order.

“Deaf people face disturbing, inappropriate discrimination everyday and everywhere we go,” DiMarco wrote on Instagram. “We are not second-class citizens.”

DiMarco, who came out publicly as “sexually fluid” in 2015, later spoke to Attitude about discrimination within the queer community.

“I’ve had so many LGBT+ people criticize me for my identity, and I think that’s not the point,” he said. “Why aren’t we working together for a larger goal? The bottom line is, what is our long-term goal for the LGBT+ community?”

Watch DiMarco’s What Would You Do? clips below.

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