24 Comments on “Once Daily Estro-maxx – SNL”

  1. okay I’m trans and this made me uncomfortable. it seems like the joke is men dressed as women = funny? just to offer another opinion bc all the top comments are talking about how non-offensive and hilarious this is

  2. Little bit annoyed about Bill Hader's first comment as a "Busy guy", but beyond that, I loved it. I really appreciate the normalization of trans folks, as well as the drug company satire. I love their fake drug commercials, and hope to see more.

  3. Interesting….would have thought this would have been a topic that would upset most of this shows fan base. I see that its an old video….but in the ultra PC culture that we have going on…..is this sort of thing "ok"?

    I personally would rather "make fun of them all" instead of having one or two topics picked on…..just figured there would be more….a lot more crying about this.

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