32 Comments on “Pastor attacks Obama over gay marriage”

  1. Stop lying! you were not a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. I don't doubt that this Owens guy marched,hell a lot of people marched..but that doesn't make them a leader. Plus i find it very Ironic
    that 2 guys who were leaders and well known in the movement, Bayard Rustin & A.Philip Randolph,were both gay, and this guy (who no one ever heard of) is trying to take away rights of other folk.
    what need to do is take away the rights of that woman standing there beside him,take away her rights to dying her hair that God awful blonde color. she looks a hot mess.

  2. President Obama forgot that ther are alot of GOD fearing blacks that will always choose GOD .gay marriage is a abomination, disgusting filthy act that will only lead to the lake of fire

  3. One must remember, Obama is a Democrat, and there is no one who bears that affiliation who does not make a decision based on where the votes might or will come from. We'll never know what a Democrat politician genuinely feels about anything, because every decision is based on vote getting.

  4. Obama has nothing to do with the rights of black in this country he is African the same ones that sold us once now you have been sold again.

  5. People still are going to be homosexual, rather they are able to get married or not. If you oppose to gay marriage, then don’t have one, attend one nor acknowledge one. Niggas kill me, want all the privilege & freedom and possible, but be quick to place limitations on another minority.

  6. It's funny how Blacks complain about discrimination and equal rights while they are against homosexuals having the same thing, with no understanding of how that makes them a hypocrite. It's also worth noting that its a reason that its a separation of church and state because what you believe about a god has nothing to do with anyone else. So quick to assume as a heterosexual, that they know what homosexuality is and what it's not but ever so pissed when others make assumptions about Blacks and why they should be treated differently. Not sure why Christians think everyone is supposed to believe in their bullshit and stand up with total indignation when someone does not as if they have to right to set the tone for what others should believe and that others owe it to them to believe in their nonsense. You are going to take action against it? Ha! How is that working out for you?

  7. I couldn’t of put it better, Obama is the biggest African American disgrace ever! If we knew he planned on passing this I guarantee he never would of been president.

  8. I don't know which one is worse. A president supporting homosexuality or a black man supporting a white god proclaiming it as his own while the white congregations show disdain for all blacks. It's all hilarious. If you are a strong black man, you should be disgusted. These pastors don't speak for all blacks. They speak for some.

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