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  1. When I hear the idea of someone saying "no blacks, no Asian and so forth" it can feel like the person already have an expectation of what you are like ( and most of the time it is either a negative label placed on you or you are a lustful conquest to fill a fantasy, and nothing more)

    And even porn has these categories for race ( which also wouldn't be there if there wasn't a consumer demand and want for it as well). A lot of them could just be labeled under Big D, small D but it isn't, the race is what is used to seperate them, and if it isn't that it's thug and Down low men ( also to clear other race, nationality, body shape, and demeanor has their negative stereotype as well, since the video is about individuals who are black, that's the focus) . There is ebony and African but still most of these categories can fall under something else without having to type the race and nationality just to fine them a lot of the time. There many categories that aren't like that because they focus on a specific thing everybody can do, a Big D isn't a black only thing. ( I also know there is a Big White D category, but that doesn't make it better I think)

    It honestly feel similar to when most guys try to write a female character ( or someone straight trying to write a trans individual, etc…) it is either surface level or one dimension stereotype ( usual when they have little interaction and knowledge about them) . It feels the same when individuals with this mindset fine you attractive, they at time would mention that you're black ( like a compliment of your skin tone) , but with someone who is white their skin tone is just subconscious information nothing to really mention or compliment – with little to no need to – yet when your skin is darker it take a lot more time in the forefront of the mind to notice and it just feels weird and unnecessary when that is ( at times) the first thing you compliment on. It's like you had the subconscious ( or conscious) idea that individuals with a dark skin tone could not look handsome, beautiful, cute, charming, lovely , attractive etc… And you just now found out that you're wrong ( and even then you have individuals who would hit you with something similar to " you're pretty for a )

  2. So if I prefer men to women I'm prejudiced against women? That's just so politically correct stupid. No, preference DOES NOT equal prejudice. Everyone's entitled to their preference without being judged for it.

  3. People use “preference” to mask their bitter hearts. If you prefer something you shouldn’t spend your entire life hating on something you don’t prefer. The Black community needs an overhaul. We are still in mental slavery. If other people hate us we don’t have to hate ourselves.

  4. Here in Bangkok, many "white thais" will place "white" in their profile and the darker Asians pick "black" and use names like "Black Barbie" "BlackThaiGod" meanwhile they're just tanned.They sometimes have a strong preference of only interacting with white men and make it clear other asians are not welcome as well. Japanese will only date or be seen with a Japanese or white man. The Koreans, look down on everyone thats not white, Korean, or Japanese, usually in that order. The Chinese look down on Thais and Thai's see themselves in the middle, not as bad as Cambodians, Filipinos, or Vietnamese. BUT they all feel they are "above" blacks unless its to take that d…

    It even spills over into certain jobs. If you are too brown in Thailand, you can only get certain jobs, IE working in retail stores, makeup counters, the deli counter, etc. Jobs like housekeeping, doorman, food delivery, building security, you find darker Thais doing that work. The darker the person, the more open they are to having a conversation with a black man.
    meanwhile, being black and living in our neighborhood, we are often looked at like we don't belong, and upon meeting native guys online (the rare find) they ask "the building let you move in or are you subleasing?" the areas, with the exception of expats from other countries here for work, are segregated by class and since you have to be a certain shade to work certain jobs, the assumption is if you are dark you are poor and in these areas "up to no good". because they have been taught your skin is a reflection of your character and if its white its right. Your parents must have done something to cause your skin to be darker. (eyeroll) EVERYTHING HAS A WHITENING AGENT IN IT, EVEN BEVERAGES!!

    Having traveled a lot across the globe, I still prefer America in all its F*d up ways. The commonality in each place we've lived or visited has been that if you are white, the world is yours. You can do anything and everyone else is beneath you. If you're passable as white, take the white route and the world is yours too. Each lighter skin person looking down on anyone darker than them and only worthy of fulfilling the BBD fantasy. The experiences I've had with men who aren't black tend to be nice UNTIL they don't get their way or a debate happens and the first thing to fly out their mouths or fingers via text is "Nigger" so because of these experiences, I give anyone whos not black a side eye and keep them at a distance.

  5. I don't like you people for many reasons ! It's not a big deal about it JESUS! Can't I have my reasons without somebody busting my balls every time ???? Am I not allowed to say what I want ? Last time I checked I'm NOT obliged to be attracted to you. And personally it's not about your physical appearance that much, it's more because of your culture, I just don't like it. I could explain all the reasons if you want but I don't think you're interested and you probably delete my comment anyway. If I want to say I don't like your people, I can say it and apparently most of the world agrees with me. You can stay with your people or find another white but STAY AWAY FROM MY ASS !!!!!! I've been in a relationship with one of you before, and it's not true, he didn't have money or style but I still decided to be be with him. But it was horrible

  6. Aside from white supremacist groups, the gay community is the next place where I’ve seen so much racism. They pass it off as preference so they can’t be labeled as someone who discriminates base on race (at least in their head). Or they’ll use some stupid logic like “I don’t sleep with women, so does that mean I’m sexist”…no b*tch you were born a gay man. If you were bisexual then sure, but you’re not and you didn’t choose to be gay.

    I use to live in San Francisco and you barely saw black people. The Asians were mostly bottoms, so asian tops were at the bottom of the barrel as well. Latinos (at least the lighter skin ones) were honorary whites and were welcomed everywhere.

    Racism sucks…they gay community sucks (figuratively and literally).

  7. The common denominator is that people of color are racist participating in racism. We never question ourselves as to why we put such a high value on whiteness. Racism is a social construct for white people to be the gatekeepers.

  8. Lemme say something brotha Hispanics asians and whites may not be attracted to us but they sure do covet us and are jealous of us our looks features bodies melanin everything

  9. Joe Biden should implement a policy, that forces White guys to give their cocks to us gay people of colour (POC).
    That way, we wouldn’t always be butt-hurt, crying, bitching, and whining.

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