21 Comments on “Same Gender Wedding Ruined By Straight People – Family & Friends Pressure For Traditional Wedding”

  1. I am so saddened by the lovely couples story about not getting any cards. My heart goes out to both of you. What most people are missing in the whole same sex marriage thing is that it is the people’s choice. People decide (I’m not getting into the born like it debate)…it is still a choice who you sleep with or who you don’t sleep with. Besides that he thing is we are all Gods children and are loved by Him so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins so we don’t have to. To quote Jesus “who ever is perfect throw the first stone”.. Homosexuality is not the only sin that is in the Bible….nor is it the only one to send people to hell (again I’m not going to debate the Christian belief system). If you do not follow Jesus then it makes sense to me that you won’t follow His teachings. If you are a Christian and a homosexual then I can see that homosexuality can become a problem. So many people are just not getting it! Adultery, theft, murder, child sacrifice, lying, sex before marriage, the list goes on and on these are ALL sins and the punishment is death. But we have Jesus who came down from heaven to take our place so we don’t have to die. (The die and death I refer to is eternal, not just here on earth) . I honestly may not agree with your lifestyle but I don’t agree with people living together and not getting married either as it hurts God, but I can’t see why you should be punished and judged by those here on earth. It’s not our job! If this is your life and this is the way you choose to live it then go for it. I’m not judging you I’m just so terribly sad that people can’t or won’t stop judging you for your personal choices. If I had your address I’d send your wife a card! And I’d hand make it! God Bless you both

  2. "Personally, I don't have a problem with it." Now, let me list the 17 excuses blaming my family as to why I can't go. And the people who want to decline should do so without hesitation. The couple are much better off not having you there.

  3. The question was how is a same sex wedding different or similar to a hetero wedding…

    Everyone who posted a story: let's not talked about the inner details of the event and ceremony at all, lets talk about the personal pettiness of people that didn't approve to the marriage….

  4. Well I can't really argue with opposing that a 24 year old needs to be married to a 50 something year old. I would disapprove no matter what the orientation situation was.

  5. You also can't wear mixed fibers. When you can tell me with complete honesty you have no mixed fibers I will except your religious reasons

  6. Nobody get mad at me I am genuinely just curious and just want to educate myself but

    if a transgender person is gay do they like girls or boys

    And if you say transgender man/woman/male/female are you referring to their biological gender or the one they want to turn into/currently are

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