4 Comments on “Starbucks Shareholders – Gay Marriage – CEO Schultz”

  1. Well you have only recently offended me, because I just learned about this last night, Aug 13,2012! And you haven't seen the repercussions yet, because the majority of people have not heard this. You have done a good job at keeping this hush, hush. I just posted this info on my Pastor's FB who loves Starbucks coffee and has even mentioned it in many of his sermons and he said, "if it is true, he is done with Starbuck". I definitely see you in a new light! And so will others as I post this video.

  2. Actually, many people oppose hatred, oppression, cruelty, evil, theocracy, criminalization of love, and just generally being a huge dick.
    How the hell has one man kept this hush-hush? Never mind. I still have not learned to deal with irrational people, those who are unable to reason and deal with facts. Please consider the above to be purely rhetorical questions.

  3. So he doesn't like offend people! he said it repeatedly..all people ? Or only gays ? U have offended God by not recognizing u r made in his image ! U already lived half of your life! Take it easy wait little more before facing angry God. I don't think u get it ? He said u will have no excuse ( even if u think u have one)

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