Teen stabbed outside LGBTI youth hostel in Tel Aviv


Teen stabbed outside LGBTI youth hostel in Tel Aviv

Hand holding a knife. | Photo: Tom Woodward / Flickr

An attacker stabbed a 16-year-old boy outside a youth hostel in Tel Aviv today (26 July).

The unidentified teen, who lives in Israel’s Beit Dror center reportedly sustained the injury from a man exiting a car and then fleeing the scene, reports the Times of Israel.

Medical professionals then rushed the teen to Ichilov hospital in a serious condition, with stab wounds to his chest and leg.

Early eyewitness reports suggest the perpetrator is the brother of the 16-year-old boy.

Tel Aviv police are on the hunt for the perpetrator.

LGBTI groups on stabbing outside youth hostel: ‘This is a hate crime’

A video posted to YouTube shows the aftermath of the attack outside the youth hostel.

In one part of the video, there is blood across the sidewalk.

LGBTI activist Tomo Hen told Gay Star News: ‘Stabbing a family member just because they are LGBTI is a hate crime. It feels like the anti-LGBTI movement is getting stronger here.’

Israeli LGBTI Youth Organization (IGY) also labeled the stabbing a ‘hate crime’.

‘We pray for the wellbeing of the wounded and stand with Beit Dror on this difficult day,’ they said in a statement. ‘This stabbing was not coincidental.’

They then added: ‘This is a hate crime against the LGBTI community. There is a price for the insinuations and LGBTphobia we hear everyday.’

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