Teninchlondon reveals pros and cons of having ‘truly giant penis’


For Matt Lownik, it’s almost routine at this point. He turns towards his date, takes off his joggers and waits for the reaction he knows will come.

It comes. The two lock eyes. They smile at one another.

The reaction, the 30-year-old OnlyFans legend told PinkNews, is almost always the same towards his huge 10-inch penis.

First come the questions. Yes, it is heavy, he says. Yes, he has to wear tight underwear to keep it in place. Yes, it is larger than a standard bottle of sun lotion, mouthwash or can of energy drink. No, he would never change it if given the option.

And yes, he has an OnlyFans. On his vastly anonymous account on the peer-to-peer subscription app where creators often post homemade explicit content, he goes simply as “teninchlondon“. Leaving no doubt to the imagination of what he packs down below.

Whether he’s using a urinal, changing in a locker room, relaxing in a steam room, walking through the office or strolling down a public park in the dead of night – people comment on the size of Lownik’s package daily.

Yet more than a decade ago, the guy who goes by “teninchlondon”, who has 120,000 Twitter followers eager for the latest video of his penis, had no idea he was, well, very, very above average.

“I grew up in a small village, so I actually didn’t realise how big it was until I left there and went to university,” Lownik, who lives between Manchester and London, England, recalled.

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a blessing.

“My penis is just one part of me at the end of the day, so I try not to let it have too much influence on my personality, but it’s certainly given me a lot of confidence over the years.”

(Stock photograph via UnSplash/Deon Black)

A self-described “exhibitionist”, Lownik is all about his partner’s pleasure – he’s not your regular top. Though packing a python is not all pros, he admitted.

“When I first moved to London, I did struggle with people fetishising me for my size,” Lownik recalled.

“Most guys say it’s the biggest they have ever seen, so you do come across some people who are only interested in you for that, and not the other things that you have to offer.

“But I’m happy for that experience, as it opened my eyes to the interest that a truly giant penis generates, which led me to the road of creating content – and the rest is history.

“Another potential con is not knowing how to use your size – if you are truly huge, many bottoms can struggle to take it, if you don’t take things slowly and gently to start with.

“This was something I realised very early on, and a skill I mastered quickly after moving to London!”

Man with 10-inch penis: ‘Showing off in public is one of my favourite things sexually’

As the coronavirus pandemic upended day-to-day living, Lownik’s livelihood was thrown into jeopardy.

Many sex workers risked dire straits as the measures needed to contain the pathogen emptied once-thriving cruising spots and cancelled weekly planned meet-ups.

Lownik felt alone. Many of his pals had left London and cruising was no longer an option, but he had his archive of penis pics to keep him occupied – and paid.

He had signed up for OnlyFans just before Britain barricaded itself, giving him a head start. “Tap to unmute” and videos replaced the hushed groans and glances to the side to see if anyone’s around he relished.

And as social distancing leaves him stuck inside, he has found himself working more than ever. After all, the demand is there: In the first month of the pandemic in March 2020, OnlyFans reported a 75 per cent increase in overall new sign-ups — 3.7 million new users.

And months in, he’s in the top 0.3 per cent of OnlyFans content-makers.

(Stock photograph via UnSplash/Charles Deluvio)

“Lockdown has been challenging in some ways, but as far as online sex work goes, I think there are a lot of industries that have it tougher, with much more exposure to COVID infection risk, stress, and an impact on mental health,” Lownik reflected.

“Being an online sex worker means that, ultimately, you can use this time to create lots of solo content if you want to and can avoid meeting other people and other performers altogether, if that’s what you feel more comfortable with.

“For me personally, I have a lot of content in the archives over the years – I started documenting the adventures of my penis long before I started my OnlyFans! – so I’m lucky to have this to fall back on.”

“Showing off in public is one of my favourite things sexually, but this means that for me, these things have to take a back seat for the moment,” he said.

As much as people paying to see his big schlong has become a vital source of income, “teninchlondon” is no stock character from a backroom VHS porno, speaking in cheesy double entendres about how super-sized he is all the time.

He’s thoughtful, and he misses his loved ones greatly. Lockdown, he said, has changed him.

“It’s made me appreciate the small things in life that we often take for granted,” Lownik mused.

“Living in the UK, and especially London, during the pandemic is quite bleak, and it would be hard to not be affected or changed by the news and the figures that we see every day.

“I haven’t seen my family for months because we don’t want to take any chances, and lots of my friends have left London for the time being, so the pandemic has definitely given me a sense of perspective and made me appreciate any time that I do spend with them.”

He added: “I’m hopeful that later this year, life will start getting back to some form of normality, and believe me, cruising at the local parks and gym will be top of my list!”

Top 0.3 per cent OnlyFans user gives three tips to starting a page

For fellow sex workers, amateur adult entertainers and exhibitionists alike, Lownik shared his advice for those debating going digital.

“I want to give you more than just the tip,” he joked, “so I’m going to give you three.

“Plan: Before setting up your OnlyFans, plan your content carefully. Take a look at other performers on OnlyFans (and Twitter) to see which type of content works well and that people are enjoying, and think specifically about what you have to offer, and how it can fit in with this.

“Also work out if you have any particular niches to offer your audience, as this can give you a leg up on the rest of the crowd.

“Promote: Make sure that you have a plan set up to promote your OnlyFans page.

“Create a Twitter, for example, where you can tease the content. Other performers have also had success on TikTok and Reddit.

“Ultimately, if you’re posting the content to your OnlyFans and not teasing it or promoting it elsewhere, it might never be seen – so think about how you can leverage other networks and connections to your advantage.

“Engage: Take the time to speak and engage with your followers, so that they can get to know you as a person, rather than just as a performer.

“This will help to set you apart, whilst also creating stronger engagement with your work, and hopefully helping you personally feel like you’re making more meaningful interactions too, as opposed to just putting your content out there and leaving it.”


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