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  1. So another excuse for the Lgbt people and lgbtSupporters to be the center of attention , not an Homophobic person but let's be honest here , Sjwarriors , feminist , lgbt ppl , are getting me tired , just.. chill..

  2. So much criticism in the comments. "I'm not homophobic but I don't wanna hear about lgbt people" LMAO. listen to yourselves.
    Thanks for making this documentary about someone who deserves to be more well known for her work.

  3. Oh dear liberals come together and Skin me alive. Tell me how I'm wrong and why you're all just so right. That Being what you want to be is okay and it should have no affect on me. That you are the true representation of love.
    You leftist and the violence you bring into the streets says otherwise.

  4. If You Don't Watch The Video Is About Gay Person He Need Same Fuck And He It is a psychiatric illness
    And He Have Same Schizophren And All This = Stupid Netflix Because he has no ideas for good movie and he need some bozz

  5. The pushing of the LGBT agenda is tightly connected to the transhumanist agenda. Once you have everybody confused about gender the step to merge with the machine gets smaller. In that sense, the controllers are exploiting the LGBT community for a far more sinister cause. Shame on you.

  6. Do y'all (the ones talking shit) even know who Marsha P. Johnson is?? The answer is probably no ,you just came here to let your nasty opinion known to the world. Honestly your doing nothing but helping the cause by being an example that the world doesn't accept the lgbtq community and needs to change. So thanks for that???

  7. People saying "it doesn't matter if your gay or not" is a big fucking joke. Probably the biggest joke ever. If it doesn't matter how come gays get documentaries? Parade's every year if a pro athlete comes out as gay he or she gets celebrated. Fuck outta here spare me with that I'm not kissing gay people's ass anymore.

  8. it"s interesting to me how it's always a blak (the c is absent on purpose) man or woman to be propped-up to "support" a "group" that would drop him or her like a bad habit when their "services" are no longer needed…kinda like they can be used for the piggyback ride, but immediately excluded once the destination is reached…if it's all about "celebrate diversity", why does there have to be a "blak gay pride", when that exclusion doesn't apply to other ethnic groups? lastly, trust and believe that whoever said " right on" after that asinine remark wouldn't have offered to help him once his welfare checks stopped and probably would have told him to get a job.

  9. watch yet another blak man go through a ritual that many actors go through to get major roles and play him in a movie next and people herald it as "an important film".

  10. To the left wing you all are winning day by day fuck what the alt right has to say they cannot believe you all are winning like you are with gays, being on TV, in politics and everything else as long as you all keep this up you permanently mute the fuck out of there asses once and for all, so If you all have to keep beating asses at protest and running racist bitches out of town then you do it , being peaceful doesn't work with these bitch ass bastards and call it ignorant but nobody ever said that your first ad right wouldn't get you fucked up by the majority

    Fuck the right we fucking rock

  11. I agree with the sentiment that the NYPD did not handle this investigation well. But given the physical evidence, there is no evidence that her death was a homicide

  12. 0:53 Jobless, on welfare, we literally paying them to protest against us…and you telling us whom feeding you to respect you and your rights? Where are our rights?

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