9 Comments on “The First Justice to Officiate a Gay Marriage”

  1. What a misleading title! The first gay marriage was performed in The Netherlands on April 1, 2001. That's over 12 years ago.
    Agreed, in this respect the US lags behind less than on many other issues, but to use "First" as a predicate for something that has been done earlier in over 40 countries is either very solipsistic, or very disingenuous.

  2. Everything Ruth Bader Ginsberg has done to America is no more! As if everything she has done never existed. America reset, reborn, and brought back to health! The American people do not believe in sickness, they desire health! Feminism DIES in America and the world. These ideas are not of The Almighty God. America was founded on The Almighty God. America healed and restored. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was never here! REJOICE America!

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