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  1. You mean to tell me progress is made through appealing to your detractors better nature and taking part in honest discourse rather than silencing dissenting voices and flinging pejoratives at people you don't agree with?

    Man, what a mind blowing proposition… I never would've guessed.

  2. we first have to agree on what changes need to be made. that's the real power of the propaganda system – keeping people from understanding what other people are saying.

  3. Freedom to marry??? Marriage isn't freedom you idiots, wake up!!! It's incentives that benefit the GOVERNMENT!!! They bank off your marriage license when you marry and then bank again off your divorce, custody hearings, and alimony hearings. if you think this is freedom, you're dumb.

  4. Gays received their rights to marry. What's the problem now? Are we still talking about this because it's controversial, and controversy always increase ratingviewership? The media is society's biggest divider.

  5. who the fuck dislikes this video?seriously? are people this bigoted and ignorant? he literally talks about equal rights and dumbasses want to dislike because some extremists think different is icky?


  6. Let's all get triggered because some people disliked a topic loosely related to a popular opinion!

    Seriously, just because he's relating the strategy of the gay rights movement to non-related current events, doesn't mean everyone who disliked the video is a homophobe. To make that argument is an ad hominem, and completely misses the point of this video. He even says it at the very end.

  7. The judicial branch is not a legislator, un elected judges have no fucking business granting, changing or taking away the rights of the people. Your gay play book using the judicial branch as a legislature and determining what rights are does not support freedom, it only furthers judicial despotism working beyond the scope of the Constitution.

  8. a big reason was that the people opposing this mostly white male and female republicans where finding out their kids or family members or friends came out as gay like john mccain

  9. "on all kinds of other causes , where we have a higher baseline to begin with. "
    people refusing to be oppressed , en masse; is the way to end oppression . thanks for refusing to accept being stripped of dignity gay movement , it's a brave example to set , for love.

  10. I have heard, from the wacko right, about some left wing gay agenda for the last 40 years. Did he just verify it was real?

  11. It really depends on the country your from. US is a big country with alot of economic influence. But thats about it just economical. ANd maybe with some weaker developing countries they have some social influence, but not for Europe. For example in spain they were going to put a bus that said against transexual children that said(boys have penises girls have vaginas), however the majority overwhelmingly were agianst it and found it offensive. I know in the US it would be a divisive issue but it isnt here, people are much more simpathetic here, However Americans lack simpathy for each other and Lack community is what I noticed. Even the police here are much more sympathetic, Ive been in the US and the Police treated me meanly! people in the US just lack sympathy for each other in all kinds of ways uall treat each other like enemies.! the community sucks

    I live in spain and its a very different place socially compared to the US. People in the US are very religious extremists, Very reserved, spains conservative party is like USAs democratic party. Gay stuff is widely accepted in SPain, mostly people dont have a problem with it, And women can go topless at any beach even when children are around.
    and the homophobic comments I read often on videos in english and videos related to gay stuff doesnt happen in spain spanish, most peopel will go defensive to gays! There are no channels in Spain spanish with people like Mark dice, or Alex Jones, Those kinda people are just to extreme for the average spaniard and wouldnt gain a following at all. But I know in the US people are very religious or very homophobic. its a country of 320 million people anyways compared to 47 million.

  12. Wow. Fuck all of you who disliked; I'm convinced now that 1/3 of people who come here are just bots that spam the dislike button whenever they read a word they associate with liberals.

    It's a guy talking about how to win people over to your side. Get the fuck over yourselves and your triggered whiny asses.

  13. OK, I'll bite and play the moustache guy with a top hat: on the topic of freedom of marriage, since same-sex legal matrimony is an imperative that immediately follows from the universal human rights for the reasons many would-be SJW's here and anywhere could bombard my sorry bigoted carcass and which I'll resume under the alias "'cuz there's no real good reason why it shouldn't be so", I've got one question: why not legalize orgies already? Why not legally recognize a multiple of any number of sexes, giving them the same rights as couples of any pairing of sexes/genders/(insert sexology buzzword here)? Better yet, why not state that a whole community, say a whole country, is in matrimonial bondage (the grown-ups, that is), since each individual there consents in being a citizen of the State, but really being entitled to fuck with any other such citizen whenever it feels like, like _it has always been_? Heck, all fun and games, like living in a Brave New World (notice the sarcasm). But on topic: is Trump America up to such a legal contend? I hardly feel so, considering they haven't even developed the tech to go and put an idiot in the Moon (notice sarcasm again). Aaand let the flames rage in 3…

  14. I think a good reason this is thumbed down because it comes off as sappy. But not as bad as the comments.Then you see the same comments about " who are we to stop someone from marrying who they love." Everyone that doesn't love everyone and support bathroom reform is a bigot that doesn't love". I hate sappy talk in general.

  15. You are absolutely right. Decline in moral values is a model for change in America. American empire is on decline due to all these new changes, you won't be able to realize it.

  16. You want real change?

    Don't make stupid comments about its the baby boomers fault.
    try getting rid of the millennial snowflakes – see how that looks the same as the above stupid comment posted below?

    get rid of those who are always campaigning for the latest protest without even understanding the issues or trample over the rights of overs in their rush to virtue signal.

    if you want real change lay out the facts like the video and then get rid of the various identity politics activist groups( remove their funding and lobbying).

    Get rid of the activist groups which encompass religion including the most recent one that people defend in their virtue signalling yet are quite happy to allow said religion to persecute other groups.

    a majority of the problem is that various groups will push their own personal/political agenda either with money or with the threat of withdrawing votes to ride roughshod over the common law of rights that everyone is entitled to. So we then pass stupid laws for select groups which are weak and undermine society, leaving another generation trying to figure out how to fix what is broken.

    if you ever want a good reason to justify gay marriage its simple.
    Society has to one degree or another decided that gay men and women were unnatural to society because they could never participate in the stabilizing influence of marriage( which is already bizarre given that the state is quite happy to destroy marriage) and thus are considered chaotic or… ( insert your favorite description of disorder).
    Give them the stability of marriage and society is better for it regardless of whether some agree or not. It was the same issue with interracial marriages and inter religious marriages.

    Give people the legal rights to live their lives in peace so long as they don't impose their values onto others.
    Give people the stability they need to participate in society regardless of opposing views and opinions.

    then society can focus on more important sh*t than screaming what is misogynist or racist or trans( insert latest triggered protest) or stupid marches for histrionic children pretending to be adults.

  17. I don't know why gay people fought so hard to have the government regulate their relationships, I would have fought to get RID of governmental regulation of relationships.

    The problem with not having gay marriage isn't that it's unconstitutional, you don't have a constitutional right to have the government sign a contract with you, it's really an absurd and ignorant premise IMO.

    The problem is, there is straight marriage, which makes not allowing gay marriage a governmental gender based discrimination. Saying "well the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman" is like saying, "well the definition of person is ethno-european Caucasian". And also, it's not between a man and a woman, it's between two people and GOVERNMENT, how gross is that?

    I think y'all gay people who fought for it are nuts. I support you having it, but I also support the right to suicide, it seems pretty stupid thing to want in my subjective opinion.

  18. Ive always enjoyed the presence of a homosexual in society. Even when I was young and wanted to adopt the malevolent view of manliness or science illiterate religious folk, gay people are kind and always know how to make you smile.
    Homosexual folk are always the happiest in the room, staying more true to the definition of "gay" itself, whilst conservative minds, bud their contempt towards others' lives, inflating stress all around society.
    I'll use the term gay towards the conservatives because of the manner in which they love to portray each other in business and money, otherwise boasting favoritism in it's own agenda.

  19. he's obviously encouraging the LGBT. Unfortunately, what people don't realise is what if we give gay people what they want. what will happen?
    First of all, gay people want to have the facilities that heterosexual people have; I mean like marriage, a good image of people's society. they also want to follow their instincts toward people of the same sex. They also don't have an entire sexual life; they can have work, study ….
    But, on the other side, there is a lot of contributions that people did not account for. For example, the number of Lesbians and Gays has exponentially grown up in the last few years and it is expected to be very large especially in countries like U.S, France Philippines and many others. If the situation will continue like this, this means that our population will go backwards in the future ( not necessarily in the near future). Second of all, children having gay parents won't have a good raise. For instance, a child would have 2 papas or 2 mamas instead of having 1 father and 1 mother. Gay parents will never fell that emptiness a child tastes ( psychologically speaking). Moreover this marriage is prohibited by God. For any person who believes in Allah, the creator, should take under consideration that God has banned this a long time ago and it is mentioned in the holy bible and in the generous Quran. And whoever who doesn't believe in what i am saying he must check. Therefore, giving people having specific sexual orientations is wrong for them, for all of us, and for the next generations. If anyone who red this comment and would like to reply I encourage him/her to do that, wether you agree or not; as the Doctor said we need to have more conversation.

  20. I'm gay and I disliked this video because this is an extremely centrist view that excuses the political discourse that, despite years, did nothing to secure gay people the right to marry. It frames the situation as if the struggle for LGBT rights is over, and that public opinion is necessary in order for marginalized groups to gain the rights they are secured in the constitution. Gay marriage is as constitutional as it was in 1972, and arguments such as this implies that heavy-handed or politically challenging social movements (as some would call Black Lives Matter) are inherently less valid than ours.

  21. You people disgust me. Really. What rights?.. You're equal already at every certain point of life.. and even more – i bet you gay folks have actually more rights than straight people have. Wtf? When are you going to stop pushing that ridiculous made-up agenda about you being a victim?.. What you need is a good psychiatrist. A really good one. And an honest reality check. The gay rights playbook???.. That's just laughable.

  22. Stop the whole "gay vs straight" stuff already.

    I hate sexuality labels. They cause too much divide and conquer. We ALL have EQUAL RIGHTS. There are no " gay" rights. It's all a matter of recognizing our inherent rights.

  23. call it what it is. gay people would just be friends if it weren't for sexuality. so basically gay = porn. And it's the same as straight people who use condoms. It is not okay for for a child to be grown up by gay people because they didn't have that baby. A straight person had that baby, with ideals of no porn.

  24. I love how he totally neglects Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society as being the actual start of the modern gay rights movement. It pretty much tells this fucking clown is trying to stray away from his pro-pedophile communistic roots.

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