This is how WWE’s CEO reacted to wrestler Darren Young coming out as gay

This is how WWE's CEO reacted to wrestler Darren Young coming out as gay

Wrestler Darren Young. | Photo: realfredrosser / Instagram

When Darren Young (real name Frederick Douglas Rosser III) came out as gay in 2015, he wasn’t sure how the wrestling world would react.

One such person was the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Vince McMahon.

But in a new interview with Fightful, Young revealed McMahon completely ‘respected’ his decision.

‘Vince McMahon was one of the first people who reached out to me right away when I came out publicly,’ Young revealed. ‘He talked to me and genuinely had a great conversation for about 20 minutes.

Young then added: ‘He talked about how his best friend, Pat Patterson, is gay, and how he respected my decision to come out.’

Darren Young: ‘I cried like a baby, man’

The now-retired gay wrestler also revealed he was ‘devastated’ after stopping his wrestling career in 2017 and then seeing LGBTI storylines that he never got to show.

‘It broke my heart,’ he said. ‘I wasn’t invited to WrestleMania to see the moves they were making.

‘I cried like a baby, man,’ Young said.

During his career, Darren Young made several appearances on WWE’s Sunday Night Heat, Velocity, Raw and SmackDown and is best known for his time as one half of the Prime Time Players with Titus O’Neil, as well as being part of the seven-member team Nexus.

He revealed his sexuality to a TMZ photographer after he was asked if a gay wrestler could be successful.

Laughing, he said: ‘Absolutely, absolutely! Look at me. I’m a WWE Superstar, and to be honest with you I’m gay. And I’m happy, very happy.’

After his WWE career ended, he went on to participate in anti-bullying campaigns and be vocal against WWE touring the United Arab Emirates, due to the country’s anti-gay laws.

Young was also a playable character in WWE’s 2K14 video game.

He now wrestles on the independent circuit under his real name. Young also revealed his mother is a lesbian.

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