39 Comments on “times got7 said gay rights”

  1. reminder that if ur not lgbt u shouldn't be claiming to know what homophobia, transphobia, etc is like
    yes i spelled acknowledge wrong it’s okey?

  2. I was at the concert in the first clip (and at 0:42), he was saying it only for ladies during the first part and then Jackson said something to him and he was like "oh right right!" and then said that lmao I love them

  3. Love is love, just like love also means got7 + ahgases?️‍?❤️
    and omg u used cupcakKe song haha and omg bb dancing to sunmi my life is officialy complete?✌️

  4. The fact that JinYoung interacted with the BI flag!!! Since long time ago he always gave me bi vibes (no assuming his sexuality) even if he’s not I’m sooo damn glaad he supports bisexuality!

  5. This video is so special. Thank you so much for it! I love my boys. I feel that some of them like people … Bambam, Jinyoung and Jackson are like that to me. Although I think Jackson is more expressive about this. Finally, it's just my thoughts. I loved the video ????

  6. I cried watching this video… I'm just full of emotions and watch supportive got7 make me cry, I'm afraid of the world for being different… but i will not hide myself, i'll be the person i want and deserve to be and I hope you can do it too ❤

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