Trump Criminal Probe In Georgia Expands To Include Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Phone Call


A criminal investigation in Georgia looking into former President Donald Trump’s post-election conduct is expanding to include close Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, according to a Friday report by the Washington Post.

According to the report, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is looking into a phone call between Trump loyalist Sen. Lindsey Graham and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as part of a criminal probe seeking to determine if former President Donald Trump or his backers violated Georgia law in trying to overturn his election loss in the state.

The call will “be looked at,” the individual familiar with the investigation told the Post, warning that many details of the call and whether Graham broke the law remains unclear.

Raffensperger told the Post on November 16 that, in a conversation days beforehand, Graham had cast doubt on Georgia’s signature-matching law and had also floated the possibility that biased poll workers could have counted ballots with inconsistent signatures.

Graham also inquired if Raffensperger could discard all mail-in ballots from counties that had shown higher rates of unmatched signatures, the Republican secretary of state told the Post at the time.

Graham has denied the assertions from Raffensperger, who has stood firm on his account.

In a statement to CNN, Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop called accusations that Graham’s call was inappropriate “ridiculous.”

“Senator Graham was asking about how the signature verification process worked,” Bishop said. “He never asked the Secretary of State to disqualify a ballot cast by anyone. The timing on this is also quite curious. It seems to be a less than transparent effort to marginalize anyone who helps President Trump.”


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