Trump ‘Likes All Gay People’ Because He Literally Sent Me A Signed Hat In The Mail


A gay Trump superfan claims President Trump actually “likes all LGBT Americans” because he received a signed “Keep America Great” again hat in the mail – presumably after he purchased it online.

Twitter user Brokeback Patriot shared a video showing off his new hat as proof that Trump is actually a proud LGBT ally.

“liberal LGBT says Trump doesn’t like me because I’m gay. If that’s true, why did he send me this? I think Trump does like me. He might actually like all LGBT Americans 🤯 What a concept,” he tweeted.

“So liberals from the LGBT community are attacking me and saying that I’m stupid for supporting Donald Trump,” the self-described “free thinker” says in the video. “They say he doesn’t like me. Well, if that’s true then why did he sign this hat and literally send it to my house. I mean, he literally signed this hat and mailed it to my house. So I think he does like me. He might actually like all gay people, I mean wow, what a concept.”

The tweet comes nearly two months after the Trump administration formally rolled back an Obama-era policy that protected LGBTQ patients from discrimination. The finalized rule was released on the fourth anniversary of the Pulse massacre, when a gunman opened fire at an Orlando gay bar, killing 49 people.

The Trump administration also submitted a brief to the Supreme Court in June arguing that a taxpayer-funded organization should be able to refuse to work with same-sex couples and others whom the group considers to be in violation of its religious beliefs.

Gay Twitter dragged Brokeback Patriot for the tweet, with one Twitter user writing: “You bought and paid for a signed hat. Congratulations.”

“Sell it on eBay and donate the few dollars to LGBTQ’s charity’s,” another Twitter user suggested,

If you’re stuck in his basement and is making you say this, blink twice,” wrote a concerned Twitter user, while another wrote: “Ur damage is showing.”

Others wondered if the tweet was a sad attempt at satire.

Brokeback Patriot’s Twitter feed is filled with endless posts claiming he has been targeted by the “LGBT mob” and has been “fired” from his job for supporting a racist demagogue.


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