Trump Supporters Are Counter-Protesting A Boston Juneteenth Celebration Marking The End Of Slavery

Several dozen Trump supporters gathered in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston on Friday to counter-protest a Juneteenth celebration, an unofficial holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States

According to multiple local news reporters, the counterprotesters waved “Thin Blue Line” and “Trump 2020” flags which led to arguments between the two groups.

Boston 25’s Kirsten Glavin reported: “Several counter protestors now here at a Juneteenth celebration in Dorchester. Some with Trump flags and signs that say Back The Blue. Many people at the rally seem to be ignoring the small crowd behind the fence. They continue to give speeches & call for racial equality.”

Boston Globe reporter Zoe Greenberg tweeted: “Small group of counter protesters — holding signs that say “Supporting the Police is Gracious not Racist” — are drowned out by hundreds of people chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’.”

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