Trump’s Deranged Speech Overshadowed By His Distracting ‘Orange Clown Make-Up’

President Donald Trump rambled incoherently about his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize at a campaign event Saturday evening.

Trump began by whining to his supporters about not receiving the recognition he thinks he deserves from the media during a campaign rally in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

“They didn’t cover two Nobel Prizes,” Trump says he told first lady Melania Trump. “I got two in one week, did you ever hear of that?”

“And my only complaint is, I should have gotten about seven or eight, because if you knew some of the other things — some of the other things I have done much better,” Trump argued, despite having not won the award a single time. “I should have gotten seven.”

“But the fake news never even put it on,” Trump whined. “And somebody had a show and where they said, ‘the amount of time devoted to Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize — two of them — zero on the networks, zero.’”

“It is so disgraceful, they are so bad, but we just have to keep on winning. There is nothing like winning,” Trump said, even though he has not won a Nobel Prize. “Keep on winning, keep on winning.”

Trump’s speech was overshadowed online by the unnatural shade of orange on his face.

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