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  1. There have always been slaves in every culture. I'm not God so I can't explain that and I don't know if it's a sin to have children or not. That is totally missing my point. The mention of sin is in the New Testament too and doesn't just talk about homosexuality. There are lots of heterosexual sins too. We just have to live our lives to please God. This life isn't going to last forever…eternity will though. Where will you spend it? Forever away from your Creator?

  2. The point is that God, for an omnipotent being, has done a piss poor message of getting the word out on what it expects.
    That slaves have been a part of every culture is irrelevant. God has given tacit acceptance of the practice.
    My mom has passed away, but I call my dad on a regular basis and visit when I can. So no, I won't spend forever from my creator.
    Eternity of course lasts forever (by definition). I likely won't.

  3. I believe God gives us our hearts desire. If we don't want Him, He is a gentleman and doesn't force Himself on us. So we can be forever away from Him. The bible describes hell as being in eternal darkness. I heard an astronaut describe space as being 2 levels of blue and the outer layer as complete darkness.

  4. The bible says lots of things about hell. It says those that don't love God will be cast into the lake of fire, outer darkness, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. It says in heaven there will be no more tears, no more sorrows and indescribable pleasures. The bible mentions a guy who went there and he begged Abraham to warn his brothers but Abraham told him his brothers had already been warned. I think one of the reasons I decided to believe the bible is because I am afraid of hell.

  5. Comparing homosexual men with men who exploit young boys are two completely different things. Two adult men together do so because they both consent. A young child being molested has no power or consent over the situation – that's a crime. Comparing them both is idiotic. Also, observing gay men in Palm Springs is hardly a reprentative sample of gay men across the country. Ever heard of the shenanigans that go on between straight college students in Fort Lauderdale during spring break.

  6. Californiakid5 had child pornography splashed all over his youtube page and is a professed homosexual. My cousin and his partner asked me to let my young teen son live with him. These happened and I had a friend who was a very promiscuous homosexual man who told me he always went for very young guys, never the old ones so just because I'm not a proponent of gay marriage, doesn't mean I have not seen for myself.

  7. I never made the choice to be gay. Twelve years ago I renounced my Christianity, though, and I'm no longer a slave to Christian stupidity! I'm now happily married (nine months in May) to the most wonderful man I've ever met and we share a beautiful life together. My family, friends, and country all celebrate our gay marriage. Soon we will be having kids, and they will be some of the luckiest kids on earth to have him as a father.

  8. And don't forget that if gay marriage were legal, we'd have to… *gasp* revise our dictionaries, changing the definition of marriage! The horror!

    (Yes, I'm entirely aware that this is a parody, and I support anyone getting married if they want to. Keep your shirts on. Really, please keep them on. This isn't a strip club.)

  9. Is this serious,people believe this shit,I'm 14 and I get that gay marriage should be supported by everyone just like straight marriage. Then again I'm gay so I'm biased but with thousands of people to back this up you can't deny that you shouldn't judge a person on the sexual orientation just as you shouldn't judge of there color skin.???

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