28 Comments on “What Happened When Dave Rubin Asked Ben Shapiro About Gay Marriage”

  1. lol These guys are fuckin desperate. Totally butthurt that Dave left your POS show and finally saw the truth. Grow the hell up and focus on keeping your teenage audience.

  2. You guys know that the full interview is on this website, right? We can all find it in seconds and discover that Ben believes in gay rights, albeit he thinks it's sinful.

  3. The guy with the purple hat knows how to exaggerate. I am not personally a Republican or a conservative, but I am a gay man. I LOVE progressives like Cornel West and Jill Stein, but I also enjoy Dave Rubin and Candace Owens. They all make really great points and to say Dave Rubin has no soul and only cares about money… it's not just untrue, it sounds desperate.

  4. Ben Shapiro: "I would completely defend your individual rights, including your right to marry whoever you want, I don't think the state should be in the business of marriage. However, I would not attend your wedding because of my religious principles"

    I wonder how long can they keep afloat living in a fantasy land.

  5. Notice how they won't actually show a clip of the interview because they know they're full of shit. Lol. Ben said he IS for Dave rubin's RIGHTS but that he doesn't personally agree with homosexuality because of his religious beliefs

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