White Alabama City Councilman Calls Black Colleague A ‘House N***er’ At Meeting


A GOP Alabama council member referred to one of his Black colleagues as a “house n—-r” at a meeting on Monday evening.

Tarrant, Alabama city councilman Tommy Bryant loudly asked, “Do we have a house n—-r in here? Do we? Do we? Will she please stand up.”

Democrats called for Bryant’s resignation after he used the slur at a Monday council meeting. Local Republicans also condemned Bryant for what they called a “racially charged outburst.”

Bryant made the comment as part of a discussion raised by members of the public about Facebook posts by Bryant’s wife.

When a member of the public said that she had used the N-word, Bryant said: “Let’s get to the N-word,” which he referred to indirectly at first. He then used the word, saying “Do we have a house [N-word] in here?”

“Do we? Do we? ” he continued, appearing to indicate a Black colleague, Veronica Freeman. “Would she please stand up?”

Bryant later claimed that he only used the n-word because it was what Wayman Newton, the city’s first Black mayor, had called Freeman in a previous meeting.

The Alabama Democratic Party released a statement calling for his resignation. “He is a racist and unfit to serve,” it said.


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