You Won’t BELIEVE THIS! *REVEAL* | T&J Family

You Won’t BELIEVE THIS! *REVEAL* | T&J Family

We are super excited to announce Ashton and Aria have been selected for the @walmart Toy Board! Through the end of the year we will be popping in with …



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  1. Congratulations My Babies so proud of Ya'll and yes I called them my babies because they are in my head lol I love y'all What's good T&J family I hope you alll are staying Healthy and Safe and most of all Happy much love to you all

  2. Loved it! Aria and Ashton are super adorable. Congratulations on the toy board acceptance. Such a beautiful family. Terrell and Jarius, you guys are doing an awesome job!! Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Luv you all. Much love from Cali!!

  3. Good parents make happy kids and this is what I see in this video. I love Terrell and Jarius. I can’t wait to meet y’all one day. When are y’all coming to Dallas?

  4. Awesome how cool is this 😁 Man if 2020 wasn't going through so much I would have went to ATL next year im going im thinking about moving to ATL so you both will be giving me and future boo a tour .

  5. I love yalls videos y'all's children are very beautiful and such sweethearts. And I'm enjoying the videos you two are such an beautiful couple 😊 much love to you both 💞 and y'all's family 💓

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