‘You’re So Pretty, If You Take A Little Longer, I Won’t Say Anything’


Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson (Georgia) on Wednesday told retired Colonel Patricia Hastings that she could take extra time during a hearing because she was “so pretty.”

The U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs hosted the hearing to examine procedures involving veterans exposed to environmental hazards during deployment.

Sen. Isakson, who is the chairman of the committee, made the remark while prompting Hastings to deliver her opening remarks.

“You’ve got up to five minutes,” Isakson told Hastings, who is the chief consultant of post-deployment health services in the VA. “You’re so pretty, if you take a little a longer, I won’t say anything.”

He added, “If you take a lot longer, I’ll say a lot.”

“OK,” Hastings responded to the senator, who later winked at her as well according to Newsweek.

“Hastings, who served in the Army for 33 years, proceeded to speak about the processes the VA uses to identify and treat illnesses for veterans affected by hazards like radiation, burn pits and infectious diseases. One in three veterans reports a possible exposure to environmental hazards, according to Hastings’ testimony,” Newsweek notes.


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