4 Comments on “Anti-Atheist Group Hates Communism, Ignores Religious Roots of Communism”

  1. This guy is obviously an idiot.

    Atheism is the root/package of communism. Use your common sense you dumb
    Not a stupid book or fake lyong Wikipedia.
    Everyone knows Wikipedia is a lie. No one uses wiki as a reliable source!
    Except the fact atheism is the main package of communism.

    They burn down religious beliefs. And in fact there is *video evidence*. I
    can show it to you.

    Haha this stupid atheist doesn’t know his history at all. This guy has
    absolutely no logic. Using wiki and a pathetic book. I noticed that this
    guy clearly doesn’t use mainstream facts. That are undeniable. Stalin, mao
    and his comrade where all atheist.
    Who uses little opinions (they’re not facts just wiki notes). Only people
    who are desperately losing uses little idiotic lying information.
    This shows that you clearly didn’t use mainstream information!

    Karl Marx said to eliminate god. That is undoubtedly a fact! He said that.

    But I would give you stupid atheist this one.
    Look I know you atheist get angry when we say “all atheism are communism”.
    I know I telk them to stop!
    *Not all atheist are communist* this is in fact correct because most of my
    conservative friends are atheist. *But all communist are atheist*. Yes some
    people are gonna act religious and communist only to gain support. This has
    happened a lot.

    But just remember atheism is the root to communism. You must keep religious
    values alive even my conservative atheist friends say it. And also they
    looked at your vid because I showed them. And they all think you’re a
    complete retard for using wiki and a pathetic book.

    Everyone knows atheism is the main part of communism. Even atheist know it!
    So stop trolling. And look up *real facts* and *mainstream facts* not wiki
    lies and a pathetic book!


  2. hahaha communism actually was a adopted by theologians in the 14th, 15th,
    16th, and 17th century.
    Christians are freakin hipocrites

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