27 Comments on “Atheist Experience #347: Gay Pride Festival, Why Have a Show”

  1. What is it to this first caller if people hang out with people they have
    something in common with? Matt would tell him to stop yelling or he’d hang

  2. Man, some of these older eps are difficult to listen to. Ashley and Keryn
    let callers walk all over them and make baseless assertions and they never
    call them on it!

  3. the first caller is just an idiot, he really thinks he knows what he’s
    talking about and doesn’t know or understand even the easiest concepts.

  4. Geez, that first guy is unbearable. Some agnostics are so arrogant about
    how ‘enlightened’ they are.

  5. To the guy that said TAE isn’t going to change people’s minds and that it’s
    just preaching to the choir: TAE has changed my mind, and I am more of an
    agnostic theist now, heading towards agnostic atheist.

  6. OMG its that life support guy again. I swear that’s a troll. You can hear
    him trying not to laugh sometimes.

  7. So Keryn believes that eating meat should be ILLEGAL, then goes on to say
    that she takes B12 shots due to her vegetarianism. So… in her
    totalitarian state all people who didn’t break her fascist laws would need
    to cough up the money to take similar supplements?

  8. anyone know if theres a compilation video of all the calls made by the guy
    at 1:12:10? i wanna know if anyone finally gets fed up with the guy and
    really lets him have it.

  9. tell me of one state or province where christians in one form or another
    aren’t trying to force their religious ideologies on the rest of us,
    especially in todays politics. religion needs to be taxed and taxed heavily.

  10. The Larry King technique would be a lot more interesting for this show.
    Answer the phone, give ’em a few seconds to make a point, thank ’em and
    hang up, then deal with their questions or comments.

  11. It makes no sense to say I tend to be more agnostic than atheist. If you
    don’t believe in any gods you are an atheist.

  12. I like the way the first caller won’t address Keryn directly but just talks
    to Ashley referring to Keryn as “the woman”.

  13. The biggest ever study on the effects of prayer on people undergoing minor
    surgery ever showed no positive results at all, and in fact showed a
    negative result on those who were told they were being prayed for. Some
    people involved in the study put this down to performance anxiety.

  14. You actually can be vegetarian, or vegan, or raw, without supplements. Plus
    she was merely trying to show how ridiculous that kind of thing is.

  15. Just remember, if you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t take supplements, it is
    absolutely IMPERATIVE to eat combinations that give you complete proteins,
    like beans with rice!

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