10 Comments on “BBC News Conservatives attack gay activists at rally in Tbilisi”

  1. CCC is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I will not call fellow
    children of God who sin differently than I do in private among themselves
    names like “wicked” and abominable. Eyes, specks, planks. I don’t think any
    of those scriptures are relevant to this at all. You’re calling people
    freaks. People you probably know personally.

  2. No. You’re endorsing mob violence. When people charge through police crowds
    shouting “don’t let them get away! Kill them!” that’s not “resistance.” The
    mob had all the power here, don’t try and switch things around. We know
    where the balance of power lies. They should let the parade go on and go
    back to their lives. That’s how CIVILIZED people behave.

  3. Children cannot consent. False analogy. We have age of consent laws for a
    reason. Pedophile acts are a violation of a minor’s rights. By conflating
    that with gay rights you are helping the pedophiles. Pedophiles have the
    right to remain silent and to a fair trial.

  4. The act or the people themselves? Love the sinner, hate the sin. And never
    cast the first stone. Again, CCC says that gays are children of God just
    like you and me, and are called to chastity. That doesn’t leave any room
    for calling them names like freaks and perverts, especially if any are
    known to you personally.

  5. We have reasons for age of consent laws: So minors are not abused. In the
    eyes of the law, what consenting adults do in their bedroom is not the
    state’s business. Are you saying that they are inherently disgusting
    perverts and sexual freaks? That doesn’t sound like a very Christian view.
    Wouldn’t it be better to call them children of God who are called to

  6. BTW: George Rekers, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Lisa Biron, etc. Long list of
    anti-gay people coming out of the closet.

  7. for decades such things happend because of support of Western corrupt mass
    media and governments This antichristian TV Broadcast BBC is one of vectors
    that stimulated such manifestations. Moral people can not admitting
    eternally such provocations of insane individuals with aim of corrupting
    people for their vicious practices.

  8. False analogy. When we talk about gay rights, we’re talking about
    consenting adults. Pedophilia is a heinous crime against children. By
    conflating the two, you are helping the pedophiles.

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