One Comment on “Mbabazi raps Anti-Gay Bill backers”

  1. I laud Ministor Mbabazi’s efforts to counter ignorance in Uganda. What
    Uganda and the rest of Africa could truly benefit from are laws that fight
    these manipulative Christian corporations spreading lies and scarring these
    poor ignorant people who don’t understand homosexuality. Bc what these odd
    anti-gay propagandists do is hypocritically funnel in right-wing stigmas,
    bankrolled by American evangelical snake-handling christian psychos, about
    gays and what they do behind closed doors. They show gay pornography of gay
    sex to a bunch of African farmers in the brush to scare the japanese jesus
    out of them. Then the next you know they’re running around their Quonset
    hut villages hacking ‘gays’ apart. Not sure how any of this does anything
    to help give a global sophisticated impression of Africa to the world .

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