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  1. there are no gay russian generals, no gay astronauts and no gay muslim
    imams…..could it be that some occupations require normality….justin
    fashanu committed suicide….what does that say?

  2. Her dad always brings up how black is hard. “What time is it dad?””i dont
    know but its hard to be black” just shut up

  3. Reality of this claim still as much in transit. Justine was a complete
    gentleman who contended with life in a very stereo-type environment with
    less available means of disapproval of a stigma and fighting to clear ones
    own name and image. Justice spirit lives on and one day the circumstances
    of his cut shot life will emerge. God bless his soul. 

  4. this girl deserves more credit tbh, she knows what she wants to achieve
    plus she can also be tough when she needs to be. Hope she stays in this
    kind of industry because she is pretty good at it.

  5. It’s sad what happened I didn’t even know until my mum explained to me what
    happened the fashanu family is very big my mum is Adenike fashanu justin
    fashanu cousin so I’m his niece but it’s sad because he died before I was
    born .

  6. Hope one day a current player will ‘come out’ and be followed by others –
    but as comments on here amongst others show, that day is a long way away.
    Kudos to Joey Barton too for appearing in this documentary.

  7. Hahahaha, this will be my last comment. The thing she said after the leeds
    game about any player getting taunted by other fans. There is nothing wrong
    with that either. Ask any player, they don’t mind. It’s part of the game
    and the banter of it all.

  8. “you didn’t specify fashion shows as a variable, you used it as a
    generalisation of gay people and tried to parallel it with the idea of
    football being an innately straight thing” – Ok, so you understand the
    point i was making, about 2 different industries & their PARTICULAR
    dominant cultural demographics, yes? So then why are you expanding that to
    encompass “things” & “the world”? Your point about the world is not
    pertinent, in fact it’s completely irrelevant to this discussion.

  9. It’s not “gay” to exaggerate an injury in order to get a free kick or an
    opponent booked. What is gay is inserting a penis in another mans backside.
    I’m not hating on them. Two consenting adults can do whatever the fuck they
    like as far as i’m concerned…..but i don’t have to approve of it. I’m not
    saying they shouldn’t be allowed to play football, but i don’t think it’s
    reasonable for them to expect a 99% heterosexual sport to not reflect the
    culture of it’s dominant demographic.

  10. I see your point and agree….BUT, if a homosexual player has to live a LIE
    and pretend to be something they are not out of justified FEAR of being
    reviled if they reveal who they REALLY are, thats a very sad situation to
    be in. If a top name player came out as being gay, it wouldnt bother me in
    the least….but it would many others.

  11. Your uncle would be so very proud of you for this , I am sorry that your
    father is still in denial , more power to your elbow GF xxx

  12. You too my friend 🙂 hopefully will be happy and be able to be me in the
    future will do all i can to help till then. Must fight on help or no help

  13. “On and on and on? I made one comment.” – I made many points in my comments
    relating to football culture & the general double standards of gay
    lobbyists etc. Yet you choose to focus ALL of your ‘numbered points’ in
    your “one comment” on the bits where i’ve made a cursory, quite obviously
    tongue-in-cheek mention of a sexual act. That’s what i’m noticing.. Your
    point is moot anyway, no matter what the actual “act” is, the point is it’s
    with another man, which is what we find repellent.

  14. “Because you seemed to think that there is some sort of equality in
    football being “straight” and fashion shows being “gay” – Well if you want
    everything to be sexuality-neutral then you want something which is
    unrealistic The fact remains that gay ppl are ALLOWED to have their own
    sexuality-specific sectors sport (“gay games” etc) AND ON TOP OF THAT you
    want ‘mainstream’ heterosexual sport to change to be more accepting of gays
    as well?

  15. Hey Danny fight goes on! I commented to you 3 months ago with regards to me
    working in football whilst in the closet and soul searching. Since then I
    found the strength, courage and maybe stupidity to come out at my work with
    a you tube video accompanied by a serious email. Came back to applause and
    acceptance. Thanks for uploading these sort of videos helped me find
    strength along with a lot of support from friends Now looking to push
    things & raise awareness! Thanks Dan. A lot happier Tim X

  16. Amal is fucking gorgeous!!! As a football fan from the States, I’d never
    heard of Justin, but here’s to hoping more active professional athletes
    follow Jason Collin’s example.

  17. “And of course you don’t go telling people to make things more
    “straight-friendly”; the world is straight-friendly already” – Since when
    did my, specifically-mentioned-for-the-purpose-of-the-point-i-was-making,
    variables of “fashion shows” & “football”, expand to mean “the world” &
    “things”? You really must stop building this field of strawmen..

  18. This is tremendous Amal good job with making the documentary to understand
    the tragic death of your uncle.

  19. As usual with narcissistic gay lobbyists like you alex, your only problem
    with my comments seems to be with the fact that i dared not to say
    something nice about homosexuality. We don’t go to your fashion shows
    telling you to make it more “straight-friendly” do we. And as for “you
    don’t like homosexuality therefore you’re secretly ghey!” This old
    chestnut? Really? Whenever i see that vapid attempt at reverse psycology
    that’s when i know i’m not exactly dealing with an intellectual powerhouse.

  20. Thanks for uploading these videos Danny. i work in football and am gay n
    this wants me to fight on.

  21. ‘with all fans singing and shouting all the way through’ Um, yeah….it’s
    fucking football you moron…

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