34 Comments on “Dave Rubin, Jimmy Dore & Steve Oh Talk Gay Rights and Duck Dynasty | 2013 Year in Review”

  1. TYT just can’t let it go, There has to be something more important in the
    world going on besides Duck Dynasty. Especially since TYT claim to support
    the 1st amendment 

  2. Bible thumpers had centuries to leave a wake of death and misery and chalk
    it up to gods will and the bible. times up

  3. Why did give this idiot a pass when they totally destroyed Paula Deen? What
    he said was so much worse. Is it because America is still homophobic?

  4. Who cares that some fags got upset. I guess their father shouldn’t have
    needed to take a shit the day the fags were born.

  5. Tres Amigos: That being said, any comments on your beloved “American
    Indians”, specifically the Navajo Nation, who bans same sex “marriages” –
    [Dine Marriage Act]. Of course they are not Southern white people, so I
    suspect you will continue to give them a pass.

  6. LOL…. First, after Phil says people are “degrading their bodies” and then
    asks if “that is going on in the United States of America” Dave says, “yes
    Phil it is”. Then these idiots talk how hateful this speech was. Well which
    is it? You just agreed with what Phil said then call that hateful. How
    pathetic! Then one of these “enlightened” liberals uses hateful speech
    towards Phil by asking “when was the last time he went to a dentist”. This
    is typical liberalism. All speech they disagree with is hateful and they
    spew far more hateful speech at those they disagree with and don’t see any
    contradictions. How do you know Phil hasn’t been to a dentist? I saw
    nothing wrong with his teeth. You idiots just use made up stereotypes to
    make yourself feel superior! Guess what? You are not superior.

  7. 10:00-11:30 I’ve been waiting so long for someone to say this. He’s spot on

  8. +Rubin Report can I please just punch that guy in the face that’s sitting
    in the middle. PLEASE. He is the biggest shit talker I’ve ever seen. Every
    word he said pissed me off. Lol I wish he would try to say some of the
    stuff he said to phil Robertson’s face because before he could finish the
    sentence his ass would be out cold. And I’m not for drugs or anything but
    drugs and music was what a lot of people did in the 60s. This guy is a
    fucking trip.

  9. People like Phil Robertson are the best thing for the gay rights movement.
    Instead of getting intellectual and articulate people to promote their
    view, religious conservatives get inarticulate men, like Phil Robertson,
    who looks like an American version of the Taliban, and who also shares some
    of their backward principles, like marrying teenagers, giving women
    subservient roles, and denigrating education. With spokesmen like Phil
    Robertson, religious conservatives do more and more to discredit
    themselves. They are doing the work for us. If Phil Robertson achieves
    anything with his inflammatory comments, it is galvanizing the gay rights
    movement even more.

  10. The guy in the blue stripes says that when people say stupid shit we can
    make fun of them the first thing that come to in my mind when tyt say
    stupid shit we can make fun of them. You guys see the cycle thats going on

  11. Phil Robinson put a smile on your face let people see a happy Christian.

  12. Gay rights? You liberals need to stop being bigots and racist and stop
    putting people into your little categories. 

  13. Human rights are human rights no matter public v private sector, or
    non-American v American, non-religious v religious, etc.
    Americans too often love being able to void basic human rights whenever it
    suits and the use of religion is one of the main means too many Americans
    (people in general, actually) use to justify their non-recognition of basic
    human rights.

  14. Steve made a good point. Who cares about the show. You can like the show
    but not the idiot whom made the inflammatory comments. If you’re in
    support of Phil Robertson but claim you don’t believe what he says, then
    you’re an idiot. The OJ Simpson example was perfect. Too many people
    supported him because of his celebrity past and could not separate the
    person from the Hollywood image.

  15. I am absolutely against gay marriage and gays in general. I’m not
    homophobic, but I am very religious and I just can’t stand to see it over
    take our country

  16. Oy! we say wicked in boston all the time! WHY AR-….

    he said wickedness…. never mind! carry on!

  17. Jimmy is absolutely right. As a straight guy I never once was concerned or
    bothered by gay guys. I don’t want to have sex with one, but I could care
    less what two consenting dudes do in private.

  18. When people talk about free speech, I don’t think they claim that censoring
    people is against the law. I think they mean that the ideal the law is
    based on should be followed by everyone not just the government.

    Like if f. ex. youtube decided that all conservatives should be banded you
    would be against it, right? Because you believe in free speech, the
    principle not the law. 

  19. Am I the only one that’s sick of Jimmy’s fartsnarkle joke, it’s in like 4

  20. Wtf the reason y people are upset is because your telling us how to think
    (media) that is real fucked up there basically bashing people who religious
    ,I’m don’t care for it my self (religion) but I’m not against gay rights
    either people just need to find a middle 

  21. @MrHabs1993 The 1st amendment states you have freedom of speech without
    fear from prosecution from the government. Not your employer. Freedom of
    speech doesn’t work like you think it does.

  22. “The silent sinners always scream the loudest. So whenever I see somebody
    in public moralizing, I know that guy is doing something with his penis he
    feels bad about.” Thanks Jimmy

  23. Straight guys are after pussy. If one guy goes and fucks another guy,
    that’s two less guys to compete with for getting pussy.

  24. fuck this republican trash. Makes me embarrassed to be a white American.

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