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  1. +neuralecho

    Interesting that you reply to other people’s comments with judgemental bile
    yet have your settings so that no-one can comment on yours!

    “Most people who call themselves Christian are not obedient to God or His
    commandments, and are in for a fiery shock on Judgement Day.”

    Are you unaware that judging others in Christianity is playing God and
    considered very sinful in itself?

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” King James Bible Matthew 7:1

    The interpretation is that for in the way you judge, you will be judged;
    and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.…so you had
    better be squeaky clean when the day comes. You’re certainly very brave!

  2. Try Googling NAMBLA if you don’t think that deviants are advocating for the
    legalisation of pederasty. Germany legalised bestiality in 1969 so long as
    no harm or injury was caused to the animal. It seems that they are looking
    to ban it again. Both of these examples prove that a push to legalise
    pederasty or bestiality is not as ridiculous or improbable as the
    supporters of homosexuality believe it is.

  3. Find out things for yourself, even though they’d taught you all your life
    that God didn’t exist. It’s extremely unlikely that you would embrace God
    after being conditioned to reject Him. You made the mistake of judging God
    by the people who claim to be following Him. Most people who call
    themselves Christian are not obedient to God or His commandments, and are
    in for a fiery shock on Judgement Day.

  4. .,the conservatives(most), the liberals, the labour, and the greens all
    support same-sex marriage… i see this passing with flying colors…

  5. So, because I, as a straight man, support same sex marriage, I have been
    brainwashed? Don’t think so! The children of same sex couples are raised
    with much love, since their parents really want them. Their rights are not
    violated at all. You are the one who wants to violate rights of people of
    the time.

  6. I did not say that there are no groups who are trying to legalize
    pederasty, I said that it will not be legalised in my country. Even a
    society of paedolphiles is forbidden. Of course both are ridiculous, and
    you know it. So stop to compare those with same sex marriage, because in
    this way you are making a fool of yourself. Please stay serious.

  7. This has nothing to do with what anyone thinks. It is about what the Bible
    says on the subject of marriage. cameron cannot change that, you cannot
    change that, nor can anyone . You have totally missed the content of my
    post. Who gives a toss what I think? Noone. Its not my opinion Im saying,
    Its a fact the Bible sanctions marriage or union between a man and a woman.
    Go against that and you go against the Bible and the Bible is the word of
    God – therefore cameron is against the word of God

  8. Why should I be ashamed of myself? Because I, a happily married
    grandfarther of 63, support same sex marriage, support the love of one
    person to another, who both want to establish a legal relation? Why should
    I be ashamed for that? By the way: marriage is not a biblical institution,
    it is much older.

  9. But why should homosexual behaviour be considered abnormal? And as for
    abortion, there are many situations in which it would be seen necessary if
    lives are in danger are physical or mental harm could occur. Of course,
    abortion just for sake of not wanting a child for no good reason is wrong.
    As for christian values and traditions.. They need to move on, the world
    has changed and women are not unequal to men.

  10. Exactly and indeed elsewhere Genesis. 2:18, 21-24 For this reason a man
    will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will
    become one flesh. Where in the bible does it say man will unite with man
    under holy matrimony? It doesnt. There is no doubt or ambiguity. Therefore
    those that support gay marriage do no follow the Bible, they are noit
    Christians. It makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach how this country,
    this world is now lost to Christianity

  11. which is exactly why Im anti gay marriage. The people have already lost
    belief in the Bible, so anything goes. doubtless there will soon be sex on
    the altar and noone will be bothered, i mean its only an ole stone building
    that means diddley shit today because noone give a toss (except when they
    are tossing each other off)

  12. No it’s because Civil partnerships don’t give the same legal rights as
    marriges do.. religon is outdated.. deal with it.

  13. It’s bullsh*t about equality. Cameron doesnt support the poor, sick, dying,
    homeless, hungry, unemployed etc. His policies are killing off the elderly,
    increasing poverty and suicides, socially cleansing the poorest, evicting
    those on benefits from their homes by stealth, and increasing the massive
    divide between rich and poor. Of course he supports gay marraige. He is a
    public school boy. We all know what they got up to after lights went out. I
    am not religous but marriage is for men & women.

  14. What hypocrisy. You accuse me of hate and intolerance, and yet your words
    exhibit the very traits you accuse me of. I challenge you to quote a single
    hateful thing I have said. You know your arguments lack any merit, so now
    you are resorting to accusations of hate as your last line of defence. Is
    it hate to encourage those who engage in homosexuality (and any sin) to
    turn from their sin so they can receive eternal life? As I said earlier,
    good luck on Judgement Day.

  15. We will never accept homosexuality. It will always be wrong and immoral in
    a Christian British society.

  16. A sad day for conservatism and Britain..I thought conservatism was about
    conservation not abandonment.

  17. The fact is the Bible is taught through the church – the church is the
    Bibles voice and practise in physical terms through its leaders. The Bible
    states very clearly what is meant by a union, so I really dont understand
    how the straight people that you call Christian can is any way be’happy’.
    The fact is the Bible isnt at all gay friendly, its actually anti gay..
    Theres no nice way to say it. Bible written over x years during which times
    gays lived because there have always been gays

  18. Well why so many people believe in a god, while their parents didn’t and
    vice versa? What I indeed have the same as my parents, because I was raised
    like that, is love for other people, no prejudices, no discrimination, and
    keeping an open mind to everything.

  19. God exists whether you choose to believe in Him or not. I’ve provided you
    with some prophetic evidence and you still refuse to believe. That is your
    choice. Just remember we all reap what we sew. Good luck on Judgement Day.

  20. The existence of absolute morality necessitates the existence of God. Our
    finite minds can only be sure of the absolute and total rightness of a
    moral law, if there is a transcendent and infinite mind that can be
    appealed to, which is the source and origin of the moral law. Otherwise
    morality is only relative and any society that engages in genocide etc
    cannot be objectively or absolutely condemned as wrong.

  21. Churchill would turn in his grave.When a Conservative prime minister
    supports gay marriage,you know that England has truly become a shadow of
    its former greatness.Prestige and power replaced by political correctness
    and the chav society.The loss of its “finest” in 2 world wars and the
    encroaching multi-culturalism has finaly taken its toll,as foretold by
    Powell 45 years ago.Once a role-model for other countries,it is now a
    laughing stock and an embarassment.RIP England.

  22. Need to condemn this behavior, or at least to forbid propagate this
    “culture” on television. What is tolerance, it’s not, when come to you home
    (country) someone to make pile of shit and that calling for tolerance and
    say to your children that it is necessary to try. Google Tr.

  23. yeah but was legal is my point, why has it only been consider legal or the
    normal at the start of 21st century, if it was consider abnormal by
    establishments before tracking back across the centuries

  24. at least i’m smarter then you and your dead-beat gypsy alcoholic race… :L
    you mad paddy?

    cases of homosexuality in the upper Greek bureaucracy, in fact Herodotus,
    Xenophon and Plato even wrote about same-sex love…. you are ever yet more
    stupid the more i argue with you, please stop before you lose all your

  26. No. He has a practising belief in the Bible, which you certainly dont. That
    is clear. the objection to gay marriage is based on the content of the
    Bible, not some politicians or modern liberalisation. This country has now
    opposed the bible itself

  27. There was absolutely no hate behind the scenario I identified that would
    prevent homosexuals from gaining access to the opposite sex to fulfill
    their desire to parents, in spite of the fact that they have chosen a
    lifestyle that precludes them from being so without exploiting the
    heterosexual community and children. Your accusations that I am making
    hateful remarks is in and of itself hateful toward me.

  28. im not gay. you don’t have to know about it, you have to know of it, not
    that it isn’t socially wrong and that people can do whatever they want to
    do as long as its legal. you are fucking wrong, and i would like to know
    where you get a ridiculous figure like 95% from because that’s complete
    bullshit, the perversion will only effect you if that’s the way you think,
    and its perfectly fine if it does, you are still absent of any descent
    comeback that i cannot dismay bigot.

  29. With leadership like David Cameron is providing it is crystal clear that
    England is turning its back on the Judeo-Christian values it used to hold
    to. It is no wonder that England is in decline. You are either for Christ
    or you are against him. By supporting homosexual marriage, David Cameron
    has clearly shown he opposes Christ, and is therefore anti Christ. Matthew
    12:30 “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with
    me scattereth abroad”

  30. who gives shit, it was a book written a very very long time ago. So long in
    fact, that it has become obsolete to the world it preaches. and quite
    frankly i don’t think the rest of the country gives a shit what the book of
    “god” says either

  31. There are plenty of us who are not religious in anyway and are disgusted by
    homosexuals.Cameron only supports homosexuality because he is a former
    public schoolboy and public schools are breeding grounds for homosexuality.
    So he’ll have plenty of old pals who were homosexuals. When I was young gay
    meant to be happy and joyful. Cameron–Camoron would suit him better–has
    to call them by a Euphemism as they do themselves yet we heterosexuals are
    happy with our label. That alone speaks volumes.

  32. The fact we don’t have marriage equality in the UK is frankly EMBARRASSING.
    I mean, look at the rest of western Europe?! Get on with it already!

  33. i still hope that the 41 who abstain will vote yay on the second reading
    but to be perfectly honest this bill will passed even without them… the
    only problem is in the house of lords… i’m expecting a lot of bigots

  34. Thank you. Burning in the lake of fire does not sound like a great way to
    spend eternity, but if that’s what you want to do, then good luck with that.

  35. David Cameron fucking idiot, He want gay vote for Tory next election that
    why, Fucking stupid,

  36. You should be ashamed of yourself for turning your back on God and
    supporting the abhorrent homosexual agenda to gain acceptance of their
    perversion and to impose their abominable lifestyle upon innocent children
    through adoption and surrogacy, thus robbing the children of the right to
    be bought up by a male and female parent, preferably their biological
    parents. Legalising homosexual marriage will not make it Holy or right in
    the eyes of God. No human relationship precedes Adam and Eve.

  37. I wonder how the long term morality and decency of the children is being
    affected by being subjected to the guardianship of homosexuals. I also
    wonder how long it will be before Holland legalises pederasty and

  38. Good luck to you too on the same day. And good luck with your eternal life,
    while I will be completely happy that I am eternal dead from the day I die.

  39. Yes apparently so. meaning this country aint Christian and nor is the PM.
    Thats exactly my point mate, therfore the antichrist rules

  40. Good for you that you don’t hate gays. That is the first step. The other
    steps will come later: first accepting that they are different, and at last
    giving them the same rights as everyone. That you can’t reconcile same sex
    marriage with the bible, is okay. You are not the only one! But realize
    that there are also religious people who can reconcile same sex marriage
    with the bible. There is just not one common opinion about this among

  41. actually im not like anti gay, just anti gay marriage. Im well aware that
    people are not all the same and that they do feel the way they do because
    that is who they are, so your comment is right then, I must be sick

  42. The perversion will only affect Christians, you mean. Clearly you arnt one
    and you therefore have no idea of how that gay marriage simply isnt

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