Don’t Get Me Started 14, The Myth of Gay Rights

“Don’t Get Me Started 14, The Myth of Gay Rights.” Groups do not possess any fundamental rights. Only individuals have basic rights. We have the right to fre…

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  1. Now, while I agree with you that it *is right* (as opposed to “wrong”) to
    do what you want as long as it’s nonviolent, (and in fact, that idea is
    almost exactly the same ‘law’ that I personally live my entire life by),
    you are incorrect that it is *A* right. I personally feel that by
    comparing that to gay rights, you’re kind of arguing arbitrary vs arbitrary.

    In a true, and real sense, there is no such thing as a right. Not just no
    gay rights, but NO rights. None at all. There is no “individual” right, for
    the very exact same reason there are no gay rights. You have no more right
    to live than I have the right to eat a burrito. I have the same right to
    move into your living room and start a campfire on your kid’s face as you
    have to kill me and turn me into pants.

    These rights are make believe. Rights don’t exist in the real world,
    because “right” doesn’t exist in the real world. We made it all up. There
    is no right, or wrong, or fair and unfair, moral, immoral or amoral. These
    things are silly little ideas that we’ve decided have meaning because
    believing in them was beneficial for us. It makes life easier for everyone
    if we don’t have rampant killing. It makes life easier for everyone if we
    don’t have rampant rape. It makes life easier for everyone if we can focus
    on their own lives, rather than just not getting killed by everyone we meet.

    So, do gay rights exist? No. But neither does your right to live.
    Maybe some things are better if we just all agree to act like they exist,
    because we are smart enough to figure out it makes more sense, and is more
    beneficial for more of us, to be fair to each other for the most part.

    Should people be allowed to be assholes to each other if they want as long
    as nobody gets injured or killed? I suppose, in the interest of being lazy
    about things making a blanket statement about freedom and personal
    liberties, sure. Black and white thinking can always work, if you apply
    them consistently. It would even out, because then gay people could turn
    away straights from *their* businesses.
    That’s the thing with it: since the world actually has subtleties and not
    just stark contrasts, someone always gets screwed over in the end anyway,
    so there is no real perfect solution.

    I guess, people like me think there should be gay rights, because if
    *someone* has to get screwed at the end of the day, it should be the
    assholes. Or at least them first. You can’t be much bigger of an asshole
    than treating someone lesser because of what turns them on. (Mostly because
    it’s so brainlessly pointless and random. It means just as much to a
    stranger as what deodorant you use, but people are *killing* each other
    over this crap. How much dumber can you get without forgetting how to

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