4 Comments on “Libdems and Tories on Gay rights (Peter Tatchell)”

  1. @spursla1 Tony Blair barely turned up to the votes on these issues in

  2. As an American, I would like to point out that the UK has made tremendous
    legal, social and educational progress when it comes to gender and sexual
    orientation. All within a fairly short time frame. Civil unions are better
    then what most same-sex couples in the USA have and national civil rights
    legislation is still elusive in the USA.

  3. The tories are scum, for all Labours faults at least they are not
    homophobic or treat people unequally, The right wing tories are scum who
    believe their way of life is they way everyone else should be forced to
    live, no freedom, no multiculturism and no morality, just a disgusting
    backwards agenda!!

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