40 Comments on “Four Gay Activists Arrested In Russia As Olympics Continue”

  1. Yah your right,. We need to fix America the way Putin has fixed Russia from
    immoral freeks like yourself fagget!!

  2. You wanna go over to another country where expressing homosexuality is
    illegal, then expect your ass to get arrested if you break their
    laws…plain and simple. You don’t have to like it, but you are expected
    to abide by it or face consequences. You can be happy and gay all you want
    without having to “show the world” that you are gay. Just respect their
    laws and you won’t have any problems.

  3. It is right time to protest in this special event?

    I am glad that they got arrested for that. You could bitch about your
    country anytime of the year. But, RIGHT HERE?

  4. Good video man. You know I am still seeing people defending this law in
    Russia sadly. The law itself is written in a very interesting way but it
    has changed the actual material conditions for LGBTQ people in a major way.
    It has created an environment in which being LGBTQ places as a `sick
    pervert` in society. The arrest, beatings and general harassment going on
    in Russia is tragic and all due to that law. 

  5. Leave Russia along they haven’t did anything against gays ? that I can tell
    except tell them to stay away from kids ” gay people are free ” to move
    around and go anywhere in the world ” that they want to go ” unlike many
    people in this world ” just try to keep their lifestyle which is outrageous
    hahaha yes some heterosexuals could be outrageous as well ” but gays are a
    whole nother story ” they did not do anything out right against gays except
    speak about them outright talking to kids ” which we could probably use
    more or less sex talk damn way ” show personal preferences in America but
    the better and stronger and more important point is we have greater
    concerns than with the LGBT LGBT community is ” police shootings we have
    stand your ground ” we have poor people ” we have joblessness and
    homelessness ” which Is much higher on anyone’s concern than someone’s
    private sexlife “

  6. Olympics is a stupid international gimmick, a waste of time and precious

  7. Gosh Richard did you know that women discriminate against men they don’t
    like and visy versi, that Hollywood discriminates against ugly,
    unattractive people all the time, that TV industry does the same, that the
    music recording industry does too, that attractive people tend to earn more
    during their lifetime than less attractive people, that tall men usually
    get much better executive positions than short men, that WWF discriminates
    against weaklings, etc, etc. Personal attributes do have consequences,
    that’s life. Gays, Lesbos and such had better get used to their
    shortcomings vs rest of society

  8. Good they were arrested. we shouldn’t disrespect another country, what
    would we say if they came to America and said fuck you to Americas laws?
    GTFO stupid people and stop it already.

  9. gays should all do die and not lesbian call me a prick but its true i dont
    give a fly if lesbians are gay. most off of you who got butthurt are gay!

  10. Richard, I agree with most of what you are saying but I don’t believe it is
    right to boycott these games when there are still archaic laws within our
    own western countries that are close to as bad as the Russian law. Don’t
    get me wrong, I do believe that the law in Russia is wrong but I believe
    that it will take the LGBT community in Russia to fight against this law
    just as it was done in western nations (and still continues today). I live
    in Canada and we have had gay marriage since 2005, should Canadians boycott
    traveling to the US because the whole country does not allow gay marriage.
    Should the Netherlands have boycotted Canada before 2005? Perez Hilton
    points out western hypocrisy in an article entitled “These 10 States Have
    Anti-Gay Laws That Are Almost Identical To Russia’s Horrible Policies! See
    What’s On The Books Right Here In The U.S.A.!” and the Guardian also did an
    article entitled “Russia’s anti-gay law is wrong – but so is some of the
    criticism from the west”. Again, I do believe that the law in Russia does
    need to change but I don’t want to slip into Cold War rhetoric in
    criticizing Russia when there are still archaic laws present in western
    society – that would just be the pot calling the kettle black.

  11. honestly if i was an Olympic athlete i would have not went to that fucked
    up place. everyone there especially the gay ones should be ashamed of
    themselves for participating i that circus

  12. Look 2 years ago in USA Gays cant get married … u guys come out of an
    internal discussion last year and u expect the rest of the world to have
    done so as well … This gay issue is geo politics for putins op add in new
    york times and SNOWDEN !!!

  13. I hate discrimination but Russia can do whatever they want. Russia should
    not have to change their laws because people from other counties do
    not like it. Like I stated before I dont share the same opions as the
    Russian government. Although I do understand that it’s not my country and I
    have no right to meddle in their politics! Even though its really sad and

  14. 1980 USSR lost the GOLD to the USA in Men’s Hockey at the height of the
    cold war. Game Over!

  15. All you can do is give people human rights. There will always be
    homelessness, you can’t protect against that without totally redesigning
    the entire socio-economic system with something else like a resource based
    economy perhaps. But as long as we live in a monetary system there will
    always be social problems like poverty, homelessness, people unable to find
    ways to support themselves, etc… because employers themselves have too
    much power to discriminate regardless of how many policies, laws that are
    written and they get away with it quite easily as long as they don’t say
    it’s the reason they won’t hire this person or why they fired that person.
    In a redesigned socio-economic system where everyone is equal as a given
    then there really is no reason any longer to fight for this right or that
    right, equal access to resources would be a given fundamental human right. 

  16. blacks need to pay for mayor ray nagins thefts. negro is guilty of hate
    crimes against white tax payers he looted. needs the death penalty.

  17. America Has Been Oppressing Religions In The USA For Decades No Christ
    Symbols,No 10 Commandments Posted,Prayer out of School Because Atheists Do
    Not Want There children Exposed To The symbols,So If Russia Does Not want
    Symbols where there children Will Be Exposed To Them Where is The
    Difference ? It Is A Greater Crime To Be Straight And Beat Up A HOMOSEXUAL
    And That Is DISCRIMINATION Against Straight People !!!!!!!

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