36 Comments on “Fox ‘N Friends Channeling The 700 Club”

  1. I don’t think religious people realize how bad stories like this look to
    people from the outside. God knows/lets car crash, lets rescue workers show
    up and try to save her, their tools stop working (within God’s control) and
    then a priest shows up and mumbles into his hands, and then the wools start
    working again. It seems like a total PR stunt from God 😛 Let the woman
    crash, stop the tools, let them sweat, enter priest, now start the tools,
    get all credit for saving her.

  2. I’m convinced most of their viewers are actually people who just watch for
    the comedic value. How could anyone take this shit seriously?

  3. Even though a bunch of Fox Noise sheeple said they believed it was an
    angel, and decided to jump to conclusions with no surprise, and a poll was
    taken that showed 90% of the Fox poll takers thought it was an angel the
    priest has been identified as Patrick Dowling. Will this be a lesson for
    them not to jump to conclusions?

  4. Lol, faux and friends… How can Americans even muster the audacity to
    watch such trash… Perhaps trash, likes more trash.

  5. The priest has been identified as Father Patrick Dowling, of the Diocese of
    Jefferson City, Mo.

  6. That Father Morris annoys me more and more each time I see him. He is such
    a slimy guy and condescending.

  7. Jesus himself said to beware the ones who pray up the front of the church
    and on the street corners, because it is to impress everybody else how
    pious they are, and not really for god.

  8. I’m in no way picking sides but a priest would not have to give ID. He
    would just say I’m a priest. When dealing with angels they believe that you
    can interact and see them.

  9. I’m from Missouri please note that the Christian’s in my state are retarded
    do not think of all us Missourians as fucking farm animals or have down

  10. I’d love to see their follow up now that the priest has been identified.
    Somehow I doubt they will have one and just put this in their confirmation
    bias miracle collection for warm fuzzy feelings for years to come. Years
    from now the miracle part will be a fact and the facts will be hate

  11. Normally, when God sends an angel it is to kill someone or wipe out whole

  12. Faux News is a group of handicaps and whores. Whoever watches it and
    actually believes the nonsense, should kill themselves now. Pathetic

  13. The guy all the way to the right reminds me of cent from the TYT in the
    pitcher at this time 1:48

  14. I never understood why god didn’t just prevent the car accident and save so
    much time. Oh I know I know, his mind is so great. Reminds me of when
    Hancock smashed the train to save Jason Bateman’s car.

  15. Tucker Carlson wanted to be taken seriously as a journalist (years ago),
    but now he is at the last network that would take him, & has a litter of
    daughters to feed at home. That vacant look in his eyes is simply his
    life’s essence oozing away as he contemplates where dreams go to die.

  16. LMAO. “For a bit.” Is it me, or does Fox ‘N Friends sound like some stupid
    Saturday morning cartoon block?

  17. The Christian fath also bleaves that every man women and child came from
    two people…….and do I even need to bring up the the ark and ohhhhhh
    Jona liveingg for a week in big fish….. The way I see it theres no credit

  18. Look, I’m not trying to defend Fox News, but the priest didn’t say anything
    that wasn’t true. Christians do believe in angels. Make of that belief what
    you will, but people often believe nonsense.

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