3 Comments on “Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights Chick-fil-A Day in Hollywood Ca. Washington Times”

  1. The question of same sex marriage might be A civil rights issue, but it is
    not the same as THE civil rights movement. The relationship between blacks
    and America is unique. Our struggle wasn’t about who we could and could not
    marry, it was about whether or not we were literally to be considered HUMAN
    BEINGS or not. Everyone with an issue, same sex marriage, illegal
    immigration trots out the civil rights movement. Well doing so is an insult
    to blacks at best.

  2. @1Sweetsexyflava – I believe that you need to become more educated on
    genetics and DNA before you make such a misguided statement. In the video,
    I would be more concerned with the fact that the black gentleman, at the
    end of the video, stated that his religion should be forced on to everyone
    else. If this was the correct way to think, he would still be a slave.
    There were plenty of religions of the time of the civil war that
    interpreted the bible to be anti-black.

  3. My god, are you aware of what you’re even supporting? Do you think
    Chick-fil-A gives a crap about anything other than what’s in your wallet?
    You are a pawn to them, a dollar sign. And you are eating right out of
    their greedy hands. And what are you eating? Animals who have been enslaved
    their entire lives, kept in filthy conditions, ridden with disease. Fried
    chicken is laden with cholesterol. It causes heart disease- the #1 killer
    in this nation. You are brainwashed. Time to WAKE UP.

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