4 Comments on “Intel Stops Funding Boy Scouts of America over Gay rights issue”

  1. Fuck Intel.
    They are full of immoral people that ‘retire’ engineers when they reach age
    56 or so (happened to my friend’s dad) and then hire Indians from India for
    about 60% of the salary.
    They are a bunch of arrogant, self important jackasses who think that the
    world cannot live without them.
    Intel chips?
    I use AMD all the way. They are awesome, inexpensive and are replaced
    before they become old. Intel chips are so fucking expensive you can only
    afford to change them out when they actually become out of date!
    Additionally, I would never want MY son to be fondled by some faggot.
    Yes, homosexuals are immoral just by their lifestyle. It is unnatural and
    it confuses children.
    And no, you will not get extra amounts of pussy by being the douchebag
    hipster that ‘defends’ their ‘rights’ so as to make you look like a knight
    in white, cum coated armor!

  2. Good! Perhaps more contributors will follow suit. They ban gays…yet hide
    & enable molesters. The BSA has miserably failed for 102 years to properly
    supervise its adult leaders. Their Youth Protection program is a joke &
    window dressing, as it does NOT prevent abuse. Nor does background checks.
    Only careful supervision of adults prevents abuse. Many cases of abuse have
    occurred since the implementation of the YP guidelines.

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